Nokia: BlackBerry BBM app coming to Lumia Windows Phones

BlackBerry's BBM service, which expanded to both Android and iOS devices in 2013, is coming to Windows Phone as well, via Nokia's Lumia devices. The reveal was made as part of Nokia's Mobile World Congress press event today in Barcelona, Spain.

The reveal that BBM was coming to Windows Phone was made briefly by company exec, and former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop and received a round of applause from the audience at the event. No other details about BBM for Windows Phone was announced, but Elop did indicate that they expect the app to be very popular in emerging markets.

The announcement was a bit of a surprise as a BlackBerry exec was quoted in an interview last month saying that there were no plans for BBM to be released for Windows Phone. It's unclear what has changed between then and now but hopefully Nokia and Microsoft will reveal more in the coming weeks.

Nokia also announced that two more apps, Photoshop Express and Food Panda, will be coming to Lumia devices, and thus to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Photoshop Express is the free version of Photoshop and Food Panda is an India-specific service that connects users to order food from other 3,000 restaurants in that country.

Source: Nokia | Image via BlackBerry

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Honest question - Is BBM much used anymore? When I had a Blackberry, I used it and loved it and sorely missed it when I got an Android phone. But I found a replacement for it forever ago that I now know and love, so I have no interest in using BBM anymore now that it's available. The only use case scenario I can think of for using BBM on Android, iOS, or Win would be to chat with somebody on a Blackberry, but that seems like an awfully small audience.

It would be beneficial to RIM and WP to have it. Rim has potential for going after skype if they make some sort of desktop app, and google hangouts really is their only main competition as a rising messenger app and ppl will take seriously.

Studio384 said,
What "/Facepalm"? The title states "Lumia Windows Phones", that's only Nokia, not HTC, Samsung and Huawei.

Timed exclusive to Lumia and then they'll open it up to everyone.

George P said,
I guess hell froze over for BlackBerry?

Well BBM is too little and too late, and it has obvious usability issues on iOS.

It's unclear what has changed between then and now
Unclear to who? I think at this point they have finally acknowledged that they're as good as dead in the phone OS business.