Nokia CEO: A better Facebook Windows Phone app is "being worked on"

While the number of apps available for Windows Phone devices continues to grow, there are still some gaps in its library compared to competing app stores. Many other Windows Phone apps are still considered not to be up to par with their iOS and Android counterparts. One of them is the official Facebook Windows Phone app, which is actually developed by Microsoft.

The last such update of the Facebook Windows Phone app was made in December, and while the current version is an improvement compared to earlier builds, there is still a consensus that the Windows Phone version could be a lot better.

One Windows Phone owner, known as Ammar, posted word on the Maati.TV web site that he decided to take his complaints about the Facebook app to an interesting source. He emailed Nokia CEO Stephen Elop directly. Certainly Nokia and Elop would have at least some information about any plans to improve the Facebook Windows Phone app.

Elop's brief response was, "Thanks - this is definitely being worked on." That short but sweet note would indicated that Nokia and Microsoft are certainly aware of the Facebook app's shortcomings and are planning to do something about it. Exactly what will be improved is something we don't have any information on, at least not yet.

Source: Maati.TV via WMPoweruser | Image via Microsoft

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I'm glad we've got confirmation for an upcoming Facebook app update. After Twitter was updated, among other apps, I was afraid that Microsoft would ignore Facebook.

Why don't you do it right with the first time, though? And not to bash Nokia, at least not it alone - why can't anybody lately perform half-decently with the first time!

It's hard because the platform is new and/or not a lot of money is being put into it. The first Facebook apps for iOS and Android weren't great but over time, they've been improved. The same can apply to the Facebook app for Windows Phone. It's okay now but I'm hopeful the new one will be much better (just like the Twitter app).

If they MS fixed notifications and refresh, even tough it's not similar to the iOS and Andorid apps, it would still be more than acceptable, for the most part.

derekaw said,
Why wont the FB do an app for WinPhone?

That's a good question but if you remember FB did it's own apps for both iOS and android and they were/are both terrible. I think only just recently the FB app on iOS got good or rather usable compared to before, or maybe it was the android app?

Point is that even if it was FB making it's own app for WP that doesn't mean it'd be better automatically.

They're actually both very good, at least now. And notifications work all the time. Based on Nokia's other software, it should be pretty good. It will be interesting to see if notifications just work.

I don't know what's up with MS/facebook over the app. There has to be a reason. Maybe due to low marketshare fb wants to get paid by MS to do an app. Who knows.

Dot Matrix said,
The current Facebook app is atrocious.

Atrocious? That's a bit excessive. I haven't used the WP8 version, but the WP7 version is just fine.

Dot Matrix said,
The current Facebook app is atrocious.

Actually it looks very good and does most things, however, it is lacking certain features and hope this rumored update fixes these and brings it more in line with its iOS and Android counterparts...

MightyJordan said,
Good timing, as I'm making the switch from iOS to Windows Phone on Monday.

Good luck, and have fun with windows phone.

Biggest tip I can give you, and it goes a bit against what the news here is reporting.

Try and get out of the idea of 'there's and app for that' mentality.

There probably is, an app for what you want to do, but for a lot of the basic features, it's included in the phone and it can be quicker and easier to use them if you make use of them.

For example, facebook. I haven't bothered with the app for it. I use the people hub mostly and that lists all the status updates there, along with the other accounts such as twitter, linked in etc that I use.

You might find you're a bit lost with out a notification center. Decide what you want notifications of, and pin them to your start screen. Pretty much everything can be pinned, from people from your contact list, to websites and games. Your tiles for each will update if you have a notification for them and that'll be anything that you're connected with, be it facebook messages, emails, phone calls, etc. Then it's just a tap to get into everything about them.

I switched my wok phone from an iPhone 4S to a Lumia 920, knowing full well those two points. However, since I rarely played games on my iPhone, almost every app was either ported or came under another company on Windows Phone. The main exceptions of what I used to use: Teamviewer and Citrix.

As for a notification center, MS said they ran out of time so I am hoping they intend to include a better one in a future update.

Yay! I love all the quality apps being released recently.

The new official Twitter app is now even BETTER than the iOS + Android versions.
The official LinkedIn app is better than the iOS + Android versions.
I'm hoping this new FB one will finally be better too

FINALLY! So many updated apps, and new quality apps have been coming out lately. I love it!

Thank you Nokia!