Nokia EOS reportedly outed, sports a camera hump

Nokia's upcoming flagship, the EOS, which is expected to arrive n AT&T this summer has reportedly been outed and features a large hump for the camera sensor to pack in all the Pureview goodness. The images clearly show a phone that looks similar to that of the Lumia 900 series but with one big addition, the camera hump. 

The report comes from WPdang who has a better-than-average track record for hitting the rumors but the pictures appear to speak for themselves. It's clearly a Lumia style polycarbonate body with a massive image sensor and lens setup which aligns to the EOS rumors we had heard previously. 

Nokia has been pushing heavily that it's cameras are what set it apart from its competitors and the EOS is looking to push this boundary by introducing a high-resolution camera into a smartphone.

If this does turn out to truly be the EOS, it does look like Nokia will be repacking the Lumia shell for the phone and will not introduce a new design. Surely this could be a cost-cutting move and allows for rapid production of the device.

With a summer release excepted for the phone, we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to see if this is Nokia’s next flagship phone that is destined for AT&T.

[Update] Looks like another picture has leaked.

Source: WPdang

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Can't wait to get it. I like the way that they keep the design of Nokia 920. Anyone who is waiting for the EOS on WP knows or expects it having a hump like Nokia 808 anyway.

You got space for metal contacts below the lense, so it looks like wireless charging is not going to be included but will be available via a clip-on accessory like the 925. The clip-on wireless charging case on the 925 eliminated the camera bump there, I think it will do some good to even out the back of the EOS.

so essentially the old 920 already destroys even the htc one in photography, even more the GS4 and iphone 5. This new phone will just extend the lead further. got it.

I will wait until they get the EOS to fit in the body and not stick out. Camera is not a big thing for me and also if their going to use EOS with 41PX then 32GB with no removable storage will not work at all.

Camera specs are pretty amazing, I think the size is remarkable as well. Anyone who can truly appreciate these specs knows what I mean. Sure wish Windows Phone would mature a bit faster, very interested in giving it a go next year.

I am waiting to sock drawer my iPhone 5. I almost did last December when I tried the Lumia 920, but didn't like the size. This hump will unfortunately make me stick with my trusty old iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2. Come on Nokia, give me something that will make me switch.

Don't understand people complaining about the size of this device. You can't break the laws of physics when designing a phone, sorry! You can have a thin and sleek phone that takes good shots (925), or you can have a fat phone that takes insane quality photographs (EOS)

My problem is less the size more the shape of that thing. why can it not be flat and perfectly lay down on the table or my nokia lumia wireless charging pad? not to mention that "wireless charging" is optional in all recent devices - marketing fail

It doesn't have a flat back because then you will complain it is fat. Wireless Charging shell will probably make back flat like on 925.

Eins.MY said,
My dream nokia : 5" 1080p OLED, Quad-core Snapdragon 600/800, 41MP Camera, 2GB RAM
And how many minutes is it going to last until the full discharge?

mychaelo said,
And how many minutes is it going to last until the full discharge?

Check the Galaxy S4. Basically same thing but smaller battery.

Depends on how stable it is laying in a flat surface. With my phone, I like to lay it down at times and not in my hands. If it wobbles around, not good.

I don't know for sure of course, but taking a second look at that photo, it seems that the bottom 3/4" of the phone is angled differently than the rest of the phone, probably so there is more of a flat surface for it to rest on things.

jEN0VA said,
Camera hump? No thanks. I'll wait for the Lumia 930.

930 will most likely be the first Windows Phone 9 [flagship] device, so you might be waiting a while for that one...

jEN0VA said,
Camera hump? No thanks. I'll wait for the Lumia 930.

you cannot seriously expect a 6mm device combined with 41 megapixels + pureview tech

Deviate_X said,

you cannot seriously expect a 6mm device combined with 41 megapixels + pureview tech

Of course not but, personally, I prefer a thin device I can carry in my jacket or in the back pocket of my pants. Life is a trade off....