Nokia Lumia 630 press shot leaked as launch nears

Evleaks has continued the trend of revealing unreleased devices prior to launch by posting a press shot of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 630 to Twitter.

The Lumia 630 and 635 are believed to be identical devices with the only difference being, a dual-sim slot on the 635. Other hardware specifications about the device are not yet known but are expected to be similar to those seen on Lumia 625. Nokia is expected to launch the mid-range duo at the Mobile World Congress 2014 on Monday in addition to the Nokia X, Android phone.

As of now, we know that Windows Phone 8.1 will include support for virtual navigation keys along with hardware buttons and it looks like Lumia 630 (presumably, 635 as well) will be the first to support the feature. It has been rumored that the Lumia 630 will be a 4G capable device, however the press shot shows a 3G icon unlike previous leaks which had a 4G/LTE icon for devices that supported it.

Nokia will be announcing their new lineup at MWC 2014 at 7.30 AM GMT (8.30 AM local time). The live webcast of the announcement will be available here.

Source: @evleaks

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Why it have a big-ass bottom bezel if there is no button on it? (because of the onscreen buttons) It looks strange.

I don't understand why the 620 is not available in the US if they want sales it is a great upgrade from the 521.. its only on aio and they lock the phone so tight it can't be unlocked unless you have the phone on AIO for 4 to 6 months than you can beg AIO

the better twin said,
So theyre announcing new low end 8.1 devices and the crappy android phone but no new higher end ones? Lame.
They aren't announcing anything, before they kick off the Lumia x30 series, they probably have to wait until Microsoft officialy announces Windows Phone 8.1.

james.faction said,
625 is 4.7-inch. 630 probably will be same size

...although a quick trawl thru articles on the phone suggests 4.3-inch...

according to rumors its 4.5inch 5mp camera 480x800 resolution plus missing hardware camera button and soft windowsphone keys. all I need is a new WP8.1 4.7inch mid range windows phone with 8mp camera 720p resolution and 2000mAh battery, if they aren't going to release something like this i'll stick to my L720

630 will be the 620 but with 'soft' (on screen) buttons, new SoC and 1GB RAM running WP8.1. The 635 is the same but dual SIM. Not so hard to guess.

What are the pros and cons of on screen buttons other than cheaper for device manufacturers?

Any good or worse from a consumer view?

coresx said,
What are the pros and cons of on screen buttons other than cheaper for device manufacturers?

Any good or worse from a consumer view?

I don't know since I haven't used a phone with soft keys yet but from the leaks you can hide them and bring them back with a swipe up, from that point I think they're a better option because it looks like you can get them out of the way and won't hit them by mistake.

pratnala said,
The iPhone 5C looks like the Lumias

The only similarity I can see is the punchy colors. The form itself and how it feels in hand isn't the same.