Nokia Lumia TV ads talk about "The Amazing Everyday"

The Lumia 800 smartphone is now official and so is the TV commercial campaign to sell Nokia's Windows Phone 7-based device to the public. Nokia's YouTube channel has a bunch of commercials for the Lumia 800 that are already online. The ads show the phone's marketing tag line, 'The Amazing Everyday'.

As you can see in the above video, this first commercial puts in some odd and out of the ordinary elements in everyday scenes. It's only until the end of the commercial that you can see its designed to sell you the Nokia Lumia 800.

The YouTube channel also has some other videos that show some expanded aspects of the main commercial.

Yet another video, shown below, gives more time to the sign spinner in the commercial as he whips around that tattoo business sign every which way. Apparently the person in the video is a real sign spinning champion, which also means that there are real sign spinning tournaments. Odd.

Finally there's the guy in the commercial who likes to ride bicycles and then fall off them just as they go into bike rack. That looks dangerous but we assume this person knows what he is doing.

These videos show that Nokia has started the marketing machine for the Nokia Lumia 800 and the result is a rather whimsical ad that doesn't really show the features of the phone but certainly gets a lot of attention for the odd and unusual things we see in the commercial.

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If the phone was better they would have shown it off. They obviously decided that showing the phone in use would not get any sales and maybe turn people off because it is so different.

Meph said,
They should do it like Apple. Show the phone! Tell us about the phone!

I honestly never saw any apple adds about the iphone, but i agree with you.

It's only until the end of the commercial that you can see its designed to sell you the Nokia Lumia 800.

Which I see as poor marketing, especially if Nokia's (smartphone) future is significantly dependent on the success of the new WP Lumias. For example, in the first commercial, the phone is shown for 5 seconds out of a total of 60 (I didn't count the last 11 seconds). They don't need to shove the phone in my face or down my throat, but an ad that features the product for less than 10% of the runtime is just silly. Less waffle, more of the gorgeous phone.

M_Lyons10 said,
What a bizarre commercial... No one has phones in it... LOL

The first video show the phone, at least at the end of the video...