Nokia Purity Pro wireless headset shown off in video

Nokia announced its Purity Pro wireless headset in partnership with Monster yesterday. The headsets come in a variety of colours and have noise cancellation, Bluetooth, and NFC with one-touch pairing so they can easily connect with smartphones. The headset is also said to have a 24-hour battery life for both calls and music and is made from polycarbonate plastic like the Lumia smartphone range.

The Nokia Blog has now shown off the Purity Pro in a hands-on video at IFA 2012. This is the third partnership between Monster and Nokia, resulting in what Noel Lee, Monster CEO, calls "their most advanced headset ever".

The Purity Pro headsets will be available in Q4 of 2012 and will be approximately 299 euros.

Source: The Nokia Blog

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Black or White look reasonable. The others look like cheap Asian garbage. Features are nice but Monster is worse than Apple when it comes to overcharging to the point of ridiculousness. These are at best $99 headphones, I'll bet manufacturing costs are well under $50.

Nokia and monster need to do better. these look cheap and I wud not pay the money banded around for these. They can only be given away with a new win8 phone #cheapaschips

They don't look too bad, I have seen worse and they look better than my Beyer Dynamic DT150's. The Wired to Wireless mode is a nice touch as well as having the Headphones turn on and off just unfolding them or folding them again. I would have to audition them though to see if they sound any good before I would consider buying them. What are the odds of seeing them bundled with the Lumia 920/820 at some point?