Nokia reveals UK launch details for its massive Lumia 1520

It's been just over a month since Nokia announced the largest addition to its handset range - and the largest Windows Phone device yet - with the launch of its Lumia 1520. With an enormous 6-inch display, the 1520 also ushers in several 'firsts' for the platform. It is the first Windows Phone to feature Full HD (1920x1080px) resolution, the first to feature a quad-core processor, and the first to launch with the latest version of the OS on board: Windows Phone 8 Update 3

The mammoth handset has already gone on sale in the United States on AT&T, and today, Nokia announced pricing and availability details for the device in the UK. 

The Lumia 1520 will go on sale on December 6, on contracts priced from around £38 per month. At launch, the only carriers to offer the device directly will be O2, through its retail stores, and Vodafone, which will sell the device online only. Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4u and other independent retailers will also offer the handset. 

Carphone Warehouse has already opened pre-orders on the device, although your options will be limited - it is available only in black or white, and with a 24-month Vodafone contract. For £38 a month, you'll get the Lumia 1520 free, along with unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of 3G data. For £19.99 upfront for the handset, and then £48 a month thereafter, you'll get unlimited calls and texts along with 12GB of 4G data. 

In addition to its 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, the Lumia 1520 also features a 20MP PureView camera, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage, along with a microSD card slot, supporting cards up to 64GB. 

Image via Nokia

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Mmmmm this looks pretty nice. I was one of the trialists when the HTC 8S just before Windows Mobile 8 was released, and apart from the occasional reboot, all was good!
Would be nice to use something other than iOS...

So you can have it in any colour as long as it`s black or white Seriously though this looks a nice bit of kit even though the plans are less than impressive!

No signs of this on EE, the network that advertises itself as the fastest and most upto date network - nothing but crap service for me upto now!

. Yeah it's big, but TBH, it just about fits in my hands (tried one out already). I think I might get one as the display sure is crisp.

Wow, I've got to get me some of them. It's the only way I can keep my fingers away from FIFA '14.

Well, either that or a straitjacket.

I'd have to see one in person but I think 6" is too big for me, I'd like a 5" to 5.5" tops as my next device. I don't plan to get a new phone anytime soon though, my 8X is going to stick around for as long as I can keep updating and using it.