Nokia rolls out "fresher maps for your Windows Phone"

Despite selling its devices business to Microsoft earlier this year, Nokia continues to exist as an entirely separate company, focusing on mobile network infrastructure, research and development of new technologies, and navigation services, under its HERE brand. Although Nokia itself no longer makes smartphones, it continues to provide services to mobile platforms. 

Today, the company announced an update to HERE Maps on Windows Phone, bringing in a range of improvements and additions to the app. 


More comprehensive maps in smaller countries 

Several small countries and regions have received vastly improved maps in the latest update, including more comprehensive street coverage. Where relevant - such as on the island of Mauritius - coastal detail has also been enhanced. 

Higher quality 3D landmarks 

"In some more-established cities" - whatever that means - Nokia says that it has upgraded the quality of certain 3D landmarks, to make it easier to compare what's on screen with your actual surroundings. The company says that its improvements bring "better quality textures" to famous landmarks, such as the Sistine Chapel, shown above. 

'Point address rendering' added to new countries 

Already available in various parts of the world, Nokia has now introduced the ability to see exact addresses and buildings on the map in many more countries and regions, to make it easier to locate your destination. As part of the latest update, point address rendering has been added in: 

  • The Baltics
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Kazakhstan 
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • South Africa
  • Ukraine

How to get the updated maps 

On your Windows Phone, go to Settings > Applications > Maps > Check for updates. The app will then find any new versions of your existing maps, and download them to your device. You can also choose to download additional maps to your device from here.

Source: Nokia HERE 
Download from the Windows Phone Store

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last night i was playing with the destination calculation, i dont seem to understand how to add a destination location correctly

first of all, because the destination isnt in english, so getting the street number right is so hard, then when i write the name of the street, even though on the map it shows it on the right place, when i press enter, it sends me on the other end of city, where it shows a totally different name

why cant it allow me to tap starting location and destination? it would be much simpler

I wish they'd have the maps update in the 'background' rather than needing to keep the app open and not be able to use your phone!

Updated and the Here Drive+ stoped working, turned the phone off and didn't work, so I just deleted the map and installing it again... lets.. the problem is that i need to use the Here Drive+ Now!

hoooo God! I can't leave without the Here Drive+

Edit: It worked! I had to delete the updated map reinstall it!

Edited by Billy Gun, Aug 7 2014, 8:31pm :

Updated, tried to start HERE Maps, and phone immediately crashed and rebooted... nice.... lol.

edit: it always crashes and reboots now when I want to start HERE maps... f*ck!

gb8080 said,
The new textures are shown on St. Peter's basilica, not the Sistine chapel 0:-)

True, the Sistine chapel is inside the Basilica...

HERE maps is better than Bing Maps (in the UK), but it now lacks OS level integration (so Cortana uses Bing). This is the most annoying thing about this Microsoft/Nokia split. /rant

How the heck do you install the Maps application? I can't find it in the store on the 520 (I can only find the preinstalled HERE maps).

There's a link at the bottom of the article. Also, these apps generally come preinstalled on Nokia's phones. Are you sure you don't already have it?

francescob said,
How the heck do you install the Maps application? I can't find it in the store on the 520 (I can only find the preinstalled HERE maps).

here maps is the application
the update is to the map files within the app itself

mulligan2k said,

here maps is the application
the update is to the map files within the app itself

Or if you go into settings, swipe to the right, and go to maps. There is a check for updates button.