Nokia to phase out Symbian in favor of WP7 for smartphones

Nokia has finally come forward and stated that they will be adopting Windows Phone 7 and will be dropping Symbian for their smartphone platforms. The news has been rumored for some time but was finally made official this morning.

The image posted above shows Nokia's plan to rid itself of Symbian and take on the newest OS on the market, Windows Phone 7. Nokia has been struggling to keep it's head above water, so its choice to dump Symbian in favor of Windows Phone 7 is arguably a last ditch effort to become competitive in the high end marketplace.

The move for Microsoft represents a huge victory as Nokia still has a strong brand reputation despite its fledging sales. If Nokia is able to push the platform, it will also help Microsoft in its conquest for its platform to become a major player in the mobile operating system market.

The move seems logical as the Symbian platform has seen its ship sail. The platform, that was once a dominant player in the industry, has failed to adapt and develop a modern ecosystem that is necessary for prosperity and growth. 

Image Credit: Engadget

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Very happy for Nokia for making the right choice, but it will probably take al ong time for the first wp7 to come out

I love Nokia phones but I must admit Ive moved away from them in favour of Android right now. I like the look of WP7 so a good Nokia device and camera with WP7 could win it for me.

yowan said,
Will they still update Symbian?(critical fixes, patches)

they support their phones roughly 1 year from launch

my phone still has few software bugs which they refuse to bother to fix

if they start producing WP7 now
all those new symbian owner(N8,E7,C7) is SOL by early 2012

well symbian its still a good OS for mid low phones lets hope they do that, and about windows phone 7 its hard to say how it will turn out, but if they keep up with the call quality, good battery life, good signal and all phones related that nokia seems to do best.

I think this is a good move .People trust Nokia as a good quality phone (outside US) and now WP7 will make it more appealing and add a different category

I would like to see how this will turn out. I was planning to buy a nokia symbian phone in the near future but without any touch screen. The touch sensitivity of nokia is terrible

Hahaha, that is one of the most pointless illustrations I've ever seen.

However this is exciting news, can't wait to see what this partnership will produce.

Will be interesting to see if this takes off. WP7 offers a dev environment pretty much on par with iOS (both much better than android's environment IMO), so could be very good news for developers and therefore users of WP7 phones.

BeLGaRaTh said,
Symbian was terrible, I moved away from nokia when they started using that

It was good when it first came out. The first symbian phones (epecially when compared to windows phone) were amazing in terms of functionality. Unfortunatly they stopped doing anything with it and kept reducing the hardware specs of the phone so eventually they were left with a dated os on hardware and it just lagged.

It died when IOS changes the playing field and they tried to cling onto it with the touch edition and failed miserably.

Tom W said,
Umm this is only for Smartphones. The vast majority of their phone sales will likely be non-smartphone Symbian devices.

Non-smartphone Symbian Devices? Ain't a device with Symbian a smartphone by definition?

Or am I getting something wrong?

Bogdan Calapod said,

Non-smartphone Symbian Devices? Ain't a device with Symbian a smartphone by definition?

Or am I getting something wrong?

Symbian Series 40 is not used in smartphones.

Bogdan Calapod said,

Non-smartphone Symbian Devices? Ain't a device with Symbian a smartphone by definition?

Or am I getting something wrong?

Symbian runs on non smartphone devices too.

Hmm, but they also said "the company's Symbian software will become a "franchise platform" " (earlier story today) ... what does that entail then? All Nokia devices use WP7, but Symbian is still around as something you can license, or license tech therein?

I think it would be a terrible idea to sell *only* full fledged smartphones with WP7 with Nokia. Nokia sells phones worldwide in almost all price ranges. Given that Nokia has exclusive rights to modify WP7 from the core, it should be possible for them to develop a WP7 version that runs something like the iOS on the iPod Nano - a limited version of WP7, which can run various apps from the marketplace on the phone as well. This would be a way cheaper phone than a $400+ smartphone which most people in the world don't even need. I'm talking about a $100 phone running WP7, which anybody buying a cell phone in any country can afford.

Apple went there already with the iPod Nano and they will be going there soon with their rumored iPhone Nano. Android has already been planning a $75 phone since 2-3 years ago. This is actually the best chance for WP7 to reach those millions of customers looking to get a limited smartphone. If WP7 can only sell a $400-$500 phone, then it is going to die very very soon.