Nokia trials free Wi-Fi in Central London

You may have heard of the old saying "there's no such thing as a free lunch!" but Nokia seems to think differently as it has started a trial of no less than 26 free to access wi-fi hotspots across Central London. According to the BBC, the trial will run until the end of 2011, and if the project is deemed a success, the company will turn it into a "fully fledged free wi-fi service in 2012".

The hotspots are mainly located around the Oxford Street area and the initiative is one of many that will eventually see London dotted with hotspots offering free net browsing. The hotspots are built around web links that run at 20 megabits per second but download speeds will be limited to a maximum of 1 megabit per user to ensure others can get at the service.

"The trial is going to help us understand what people are using it for so we can improve it in the future," said Craig Hepburn, Nokia's director of digital and social media.

Free wi-fi is generally already widely available in London. In particular at London's financial district, the Square Mile, has had free wi-fi provided by The Cloud for years.

Users will not be required to register to use the service.

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Tom W said,
Not sure what's so amazing about this, London has thousands of free Wi-Fi spots.

Nokia is becoming the flavor of the month, that's why

Tom W said,
Not sure what's so amazing about this, London has thousands of free Wi-Fi spots.

i think its more because they are doing something they dont usually do.. and it might turn into them adding them everywhere.. also i think its cool because its strange that a hardware company cares at all about its customers to this point.. most companies just leave all the connectivity to the wireless companies.. its nice to see other companies bypassing the ISP's

I notice my wife's girly mags even have the Nokia Lumia 800 on their front pages. Not one but 3 out of 4. I flicked though one to find the smallest section about the phone. Looks like Nokia are investing a shed load of money into advertising.

I agree, Nokia are taking things very seriously. I hope they do well, Apple needs some decent competition.

Mohitster said,

I wish they had this in New

geeze... like they only need a few hundred in every major city in the world.. like whats taking them so long!? lol