Nokia UK releases strange video ad for Lumia 2520 tablet that's "set to party"

Nokia's Windows RT based Lumia 2520 tablet launched in the UK earlier this month, but the promotional campaign to help sell the 10.1 inch tablet in that country took a strange turn this week, thanks to a new YouTube video.

The over two minute clip, as uploaded on the official Nokia UK channel, shows a man who is sitting on a barber shop chair awaiting a haircut. That's about the most normal thing about the video. A few seconds later, the barber shows up and he looks and sounds like he comes straight from "creepy man" central casting.

The barber offers his customer some selections of possible hair designs to choose from and when the man selects the mullet (we don't know why either), the barber's equally creepy female assistant offers the customer a Lumia 2520 to use.

It's never fully explained why a tablet can help with a haircut, but as the man in the chair plays around with the Windows RT device, the barber manages to go unseen as he creates the mullet masterpiece. Finally, the session concludes with the customer apparently happy with his new hair, and the barber (now wearing a tennis outfit for some reason) telling him that he's "set to party".

We don't know what Nokia UK marketing exec signed off on this video ad and we are not sure if he or she should be fired or given a medal for one of the oddest tablet ads we have ever seen. However, it certainly is an attention getter, even if the Lumia 2520's features don't really get mentioned at all. The question is whether or not it will help sell the tablet, which is priced at £399.99 in the UK.

Source: Nokia UK on YouTube

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I haven't seen such an ugly wallpaper in a while.

And what the heck is this ad about?! Well at least this commercial shows their product, not the one they envy.

As commented when this was posted yesterday (?!), the most disturbing thing to me is that they trust John Lewis to 'sell' this on their behalf, when their sales-floors are staffed by iTeens and miscellaneous screen-locked 'non-iTunes compatible' devices.

So it will so distract u from rl that someone could cut your head off or on and you wont realise, good ad!!! Fail much?

Creepy as hell? Yes. Memorable? You bet. Loved it!
Also, does anyone know if the melody sequence starting at 1:56 is part of any song or if it was custom made for this ad? Sounds awesome.

"It's never fully explained why a tablet can help with a haircut"

The Mullet; business in the front, party in the back.

i.e. this tablet can deliver on both fronts.

Edited by FiB3R, Dec 19 2013, 2:48am :

I find I stupid that people don't get the message of the commercial. The fact that its creepy makes the commercial memorable but the message is in there as you explained.

It may be interesting, but from a marketing standpoint, it's not good. It's fine that it appeals to some people, but the fact that it's seen as a negative by just as many if not more, is the reason why. You can accept neutral, but not negatives. I see what they were going for, but it just didn't work very well the way they did it.