Noomy.A virus spreading via chat rooms

Security experts have warned internet users to update their antivirus systems to protect against a newly discovered worm dubbed Noomy.A, which "could represent a new trend in malicious code techniques". PandaLabs said that, although this sophisticated and dangerous worm has not yet spread significantly in the wild, it has a series of unusual but potentially effective characteristics to propagate itself through Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Written in Visual Basic, the worm creates an HTTP server on affected computers and generates a large number of files containing copies of its code. The names of these files, designed to tempt unwary users into believing that they are software cracks, include '2004serials.pif', 'Ageofempires2crack.exe', 'AgeOfMythologyISO.exe' or 'AnaKurnikovaVirualGirl2004.scr', among many others.

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