Not Y2K, but Glitches Loom with '07 Daylight-Saving time

Sounding a little like the Y2K concerns at the turn of this century, the U.S. Congress's expansion of daylight-saving time, which moves the clock change from early April to March 11, may cause some VARs to lose a little sleep. The change will require patches for many software products, some which will require manual installations. But customers shouldn't expect VARs to be pushing such patches very hard.

"People will wait and see what will really happen because of Y2K," said Jim Locke, president of JWLocke and Associates, a VAR based in Pasadena, Calif. "Everybody shouted that the world was going to come to an end with Y2K, and of course it didn't." But in spite of the negative connotations that may automatically go along with the daylight-saving time issue, Locke believes that it will indeed be an issue, and one that will most likely be handled through remediation rather than proactive efforts.

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It would help if I knew what VAR was. When posting a reference to an article it helps to add the definition of acronyms at least the first time they appear. VAR I don't believe is all that common of one. I've been around pc's awhile and never heard it.

I must admit I don't really get the problem ... What's exactly changing? I only know our DST system, know nothing about America's, but it seems like a little problem being hugely blown out of proportion...

Here, after the hour changes, you just set the clock right.. If it's already right then, yay, your auto-adjusting-clock actually worked for once, if it didn't, do it yourself...

I didn't get the Y2K bug either, people talking about cars "thinking" they would be 99 years without any check-up auto-shutting down on the highways and stuff. Hey, if that kind of behavior isn't programmed, it ain't happening, right?

Skerit said,
Hey, if that kind of behavior isn't programmed, it ain't happening, right?

That's the problem - it wasn't programmed FOR, so if any of the devices needed to calculate something using the current time, it may have caused an error (like trying to get a number of weeks from a negative number of days, etc).

person 1 : omg! my unpatched software killed my computer becuase daylight savings '07!

person 2 : so what? you just have to reinstall windows xp, just like every other week.....

How is it old news when it hasn't even happened yet, and second what does it ending in November have to do with the computer problems in March? :huh:

Edit: Ok they changed it from October to November, but I still don't see what your point is.

Why the **** are they changing DST anyway? Don't the asshats that caused this realize that this affects more than just them?

What a waste of time and money?

Actually it should save you money ;). And what's the big deal? It's not like it's going to affect your life that much. In Belgium we've been using it for years and never had any problems. Don't really see what the big deal is all about :ponder: . Sure, for companies it can be a problem with the software, but for other people?