NPD: Xbox One beats PS4 in Australian console launch sales

Microsoft launched the Xbox One in 13 markets around the world on November 22nd, including Australia. A week later, the folks Down Under got a chance to buy Sony's PlayStation 4 console for the first time. Now a new report claims that the Xbox One may have won the first sales round against the PS4 in that part of the world.

The retail sales research firm NPD Group claims that the Xbox One sold 65,917 units in its first three days in Australia. The numbers, according to the Australian Financial Review, are a new record for a console launch in that country, and were over double the amount of sales for the previous record holder, the Nintendo Wii launch in 2006.

While Sony would not announce how many units of the PS4 were sold during its first few days in Australia, the website claims, via unnamed industry sources, that the sales numbers did not match those for the Xbox One a week earlier. However, it adds that was due in part because Sony was unable to ship enough consoles to Australia to meet the demand. Indeed, Michael Ephraim, the managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, claims that the company has yet to fulfill all of the pre-orders for the PS4, but says that will happen before Christmas.

Sales of both the Xbox One and PS4 are expected to surpass those of the year old Wii U console for Nintendo quickly in Australia, just like they have already done in the UK.

Source: Australian Financial Review | Image via Microsoft

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Not a whole lot to see here considering the circumstances, but the forum goers will go nuts over who's shiny plastic is in the lead...

PS4 are sold out everywhere you would imagine in Australia. There are currently 4 shipments coming into Australia. If you pre-order now you may receive your console in March.

I have found XBONE stock at the same venues. There is no wait list or problem getting a XBONE.

After speaking with staff from EB, Prahran it seems EB alone are selling four times as many PS4's than XBONE... This takes into account the massive pre-order lists for PS4's that have still not been filled.

The staff all seemed to agree the PS4 was a better system... as many of them had both consoles.

I have a PS4 on pre-order but seems I wont receive it until next year.

If I was XBONE I would also be shouting this number from the heavens as this is not an accurate representation of whats going on and it is going to be very short lived.

Target, EB, & JB-HIFI are all in agreeing that PS4 sales in AU are massively outweighing XBONE.

While this is only an indication on demand I think it still gives good projections on what is currently happening in the Australian console market.

sales assume you have a product to sell somebody and it's obvious that at this moment Sony doesn't. So sales for the Xbox One are higher. The backlog and "hype" may be higher for the PS4 but until Sony can actually make enough consoles then sales are higher for the Xbox because they can produce a console.

No matter how much you want to preach higher pre order numbers for PS4, remember that's the sales until march next year. Xbox has outsold the PS4, is still getting stock into stores, and people will keep buying it up until March next year also. Sony's race to the shelves has meant they can not keep up with demand, not that they have excessively higher demand.

My TV is now never on without my Xbox One, for gaming, media and TV. It does everything, and it does it better than any device I've ever had before. No matter what I am doing I can quickly switch between media and gaming, and I will always receive my game invites while using the Xbox for media. The closest I came to this in the past was the PS3, but the execution was extremely poor. The PS4 wont and can't do this, it is for gaming only, and you need to turn it off and use another device for your media fix. Not that you'd want a high powered media box in a tiny case with a million little fans blasting their hearts out...

It is not my intention to "preach" just simply conveying the general feeling from EB staff. I'm sure the XBONE is an excellent console in its own right. I must admit I have not used one for more than 5 minutes yet.

PS3 has had Hulu & Netflix apps for years according to the Sony website so im sure the PS4 will get their own native apps also. As the PS4 OS is based on FreeBSD there is huge potential for some very fast high quality apps... Just as the XBONE is i'm sure.

Either way I hope the competition remains fierce as only the consumer will win in this battle. Good news all round I would say.

I doubt they will, with them releasing the iQ3 next year I doubt they'd risk cannibalising its sales by offering the X1 as well. Not to mention aren't most of the X1 TV features US only anyway?

so if sony allocates much stock to certain regions, its "LOL sony sold a million in only 2 countries", but then when they get outsold in other regions, its "but but, theres no stock". very comical.

Not really.

There is literally no stock to be seen - you had to be very lucky/early with the preorders to even get one at launch. Our next guaranteed shipment is early 2014.

vcfan said,
so if sony allocates much stock to certain regions, its "LOL sony sold a million in only 2 countries", but then when they get outsold in other regions, its "but but, theres no stock". very comical.

Sony didn't point to the 2 countries thing. They were saying they sold a million PERIOD letting you know total worldwide sales. At the time that happened to be only 2 countries. MS then came back and did the same thing and said they sold a million as well but they did it in 13 countries. Sony didn't make a big deal out of the different number of countries, they were just comparing TOTAL sales and at that point they looked neck and neck. The next big number Sony actually released was the 2.1 million again TOTAL worldwide sales. Microsoft hasn't released their total worldwide sales and instead posted some meaningless numbers about the number of zombies killed and hours played. One would assume that if MS sold more they'd have said so and so there is a good chance the PS4 is outsell the Xbone worldwide. Sony is clearly more inventory constrained as the black friday numbers and now the AU ones are just because there aren't any PS4's to buy. Now that may just be because Sony hasn't made as many PS4's as MS has made XBones. If they're both sold out that would be the real indicator is how many each of them made but neither company is saying.