NVIDIA 3-Way SLI review roundup

No use kidding around: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 3-Way SLI kicks benchmark ass. Reviewers across the board found the setup to be far and away the best money can buy when it comes to graphics, but the price is certainly steep. Not only are the cards super pricey -- you're limited to the 8800 GTX and 8800 Ultra -- but you'll need a 1000+ watt power supply, and pretty much a fresh system from the ground up unless you're already running the nForce 680i SLI motherboard. PC Perspective crunched the numbers, and you're looking at about $2828 in costs before you even get to the case, hard drive, DVD drive and all that other superfluous stuff. That said, the third card really makes a big difference, since performance scales surprisingly well with the addition. You probably don't need this kind of power if you're not trying to game at full-res on a 30-incher, but if you don't mind dropping $3k on a system purely designed to play Crysis at Very High, then you just might have some 3-way SLI in your future.

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thats insane...3 video cards suck up every spot available on your're gonna need dual kilowatt power supplies soon to run all this junk.

Nah, a single 1200W PSU should be able to handle it. Just be sure to get one that has six PCIe 6-pin power connectors on it. Both the 8800GTX and the 8800Ultra need two PCIe 6-pin power connectors for each card. When the PCIe 2.0 models hit, they'll probably be outfitted with PCIe 8-pin or 6(+2)-pin power plugs (my PSU already has those).

AMD's tri-core processor, Ménage à trois, tricycle, looks like it was time for video cards to go 3-way.

Geeze, Hmm.. that's a lot of cash! I'd much rather buying a sweet laptop with that Then again i'm not a real gamer (i'm a console kinda gamer) but for the people that are and have the cash remember to add a generator to your house since i don't want you to cause any blackouts in your neighborhoods!

3 Way SLI 8800 GT's (if thats possible) would of been interesting to see benchmarked, considering you can get 3 of those (if you can find them) far cheaper than just 2 GTX's

3-Way SLI ... this is ridiculous, 2 cards is "enough" ... cause seriously, they need to get more power efficient graphics cards. cause right now there already power hogs as it is even with a single card.

and to use three of em you need a 1000watt PSU... hell with that lol