NVIDIA announces GTX 660, 650 for gamers on a budget

NVIDIA has announced two new Kepler-based graphics cards, the GeForce GTX 660 and GTX 650. The new cards will bring Kepler's performance to gamers looking for less expensive graphics cards. The less powerful of the two cards, the GTX 650, has a pricing of $109, while the GTX 660 costs $229.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

According to benchmarks from NVIDIA, the GTX 660 is up to twice as fast as the GTX 460 and up to four times as fast as the 8800 GT. The company also touts the GTX 650 as being more than three times powerful than the Xbox 360's Xenos GPU. In terms of hardware, the GTX 660 will have 2GB of RAM and a base clock of 980MHz, and the GTX 650 will have 1GB and a base clock of 1058MHz.

NVIDIA claims the GTX 660 will run "almost all games using high quality DirectX 11 settings at 1920x1080," while the GTX 650 will run many popular games at the same resolution at "high-to-maximum" settings, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, although more intensive games, such as Battlefield 3, can only be run comfortably at that resolution at medium settings. At these settings, the GTX 650 ran Battlefield 3 at more than 40 frames per second. The 9500 GT, by comparison, struggled to run less-intensive games such as League of Legends at even 30 frames per second.

Both cards support DirectX 11 and have DVI and HDMI ports, although the GTX 650 features a mini-HDMI port whereas the GTX 660 features a full-sized HDMI port. The GTX 660 also features a mini-DisplayPort output port.

Source: NVIDIA | Image via NVIDIA

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Amazing how small these cards are getting, considering their power.

My GTX 670's board is the same size as budget cards from yesteryear (extra size at the end is due to the heatsink).

seems nice, coming from a GTX460 this would be a nice change, but I have an old power source, 550w probably I'll have to upgrade that

Martin5000 said,
Will the 650 be fanless? I currently have a fanless geforce 9500, which I keep meaning to upgrade.

The reference design isn't fanless, but it's very tiny (length-wise; width-wise, it's takes up the usual two slots), so keep your fingers crossed, and a third-party may come along with a passive GTX 650 soon.

togermano said,
are they better then my gtx 570 card?

NVIDIA's benchmarks say the GTX 660 is slightly better (not enough for you to want to purchase it I'd imagine).

American Mafia said,
No! gtx 570 beats gtx 660. The 660 ti have only lower power consumption, but in the rest the 570 is more powerful.

Sounds like you don't want to admit that the new 660 is better LOL