Nvidia CEO: Tablets to outperform mobile PCs in just five years

The tablet PC market is certainly growing thanks to the popularity of Apple's iPad. However for pure performance, having a notebook PC is a consumer's best bet. But according to the CEO of graphics chip maker Nvidia, that will change and sooner than you might think. According to a report over at 9to5Google.com, Nvidia's CEO Huang Jen-Hsun believes that processors for tablet based PCs could start outperforming those in mobile PCs in just five years.

Jen-Hsun made those remarks in a press conference this week during the Computex trade show in Taiwan. He also sees a time where the company's current Tegra mobile graphics chip business could see revenues that will go over Nvidia's current GPU PC business.  While he doesn't see the traditional notebook PC as being affected much by the current rise of the tablet PC, Jen-Hsun does say that the "... netbook, which does not have a full functionality as a traditional PC, is being impacted deeply by tablet PC."

Nvidia claims it will ship about 10 million of its Tegra mobile chips to its partners by the end of June. It's also prepping to launch the next version of the Tegra, code named "Kal-El". Nvidia showed off the capabilities of the new chip earlier this week with an impressive game-demo. That quad-core processor should be available in tablets and other products later this fall. Nvidia is also working on a ARM-based CPU that it has said will be used in desktop and notebook PCs, among other products.

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Why is this surprising? even the highest end ARM performs like a PC from 3-4 years ago - so its a shock that in 3-4 years time tablets will perform as good as PC's today? am I the only one underwhelmed by such a vision? nVidia some how thinks we'll reach a plateau with end users going, "well, I've had enough performance and power - I have no more demands for what I want to accomplish".

nVidia is only sabre rattling because it is no longer got a contract with Intel thus leaving ATI to pick up the slack because nVidia has more or less exited the market when it comes to chipsets and even mobile GPU's (look at the number of PC vendors and Apple that are now using ATI GPU in their notebooks).

ARM has a place but anyone who thinks that it is some sort of super efficient design really is ignorant about why it is low powered.

Nvidia CEO is right. For the first time ever Windows PC sales will be down 4% due to iPad sales.

You would think that Vista was about the worst thing to ever happen to consumer Windows sales. However, the netbook phenomenon, which had been the major growth driver for PC makers and, thereby, Microsoft, coming to an inglorious end, it's obvious things could and did get worse.

So, what's the big change factor since the “end” of the Great Recession? Apple's iPad is the disruption and it has caused (small grain of salt) consumer Windows sales to fall for the first time.


Xerino said,
Will they play crisis?

sorry had to be said

It depends, will it actually be playing it or will it merely be a wireless monitor as has been proven possible in past posts?

umm.... dont see tablets being a better Gaming device than a good gaming laptop anytime soon. If he is talking about netbooks then it may make sense but the form factor is not that different so if netbooks are still selling in 5 years, then i dont see how netbooks cant use the same CPU or GPU as a tablet. doesnt make sense.

Agreed, And what the irony is that netbook were supposed to overlap laptops... But take a look where everything has come down to....

Doubt that. Its not like they will stop advancing laptops. I mean, desktops came out before laptops...are they more powerful?

Erm... if tablet PC's are getting faster, what stops manufacturers from using those same faster chips in Notebooks? Doesn't make sense to me!

dannyres said,
Erm... if tablet PC's are getting faster, what stops manufacturers from using those same faster chips in Notebooks? Doesn't make sense to me!

I think that they mean that in 5 years tablets will outperform notebooks of today.. so they will run like i5 notebooks that are out now..

Kinda a stupid way to look at it

Slightly misleading, he only expects tablets to beat netbooks.
Which is ridiculous since you can just stuff what ever you're putting into a tablet into a netbook.

Intel with tri gate techs and reaching 14nm quickly, I think it will be not easy competition. In the end, winner will be consumer, but I don`t like Android as OS in tablet, they should take some mature approach.
Nvidia should also focus on making better gpu hardware in designing PCB which not melt.