nVIDIA GeForce 9 Series comes in March

According to current plans, Nvidia plans to introduce its Geforce 9 series high end part codenamed G100 around march 2008. We don't know many details, but we do know that the chip should end up faster than two G92 D8E dual PCB card which is scheduled for launch in late January. It will be on time to launch with G96 which is a mainstream part.

News Source: Fudzilla

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LOL...you'd think the video game companies could probably program more efficently...but again they are proabably walking to the bank with the video card companies to deposit your money.

Nvadia is still working on decent drivers for their 6's-7's and 8's..but they are going to pump out some 9's before some realize there is more to the value of money than some cartoon graphic....

Jwjw1, video card makers taking a long time to perfect their drivers is nothing new. That goes all the way back to the beginning of 3D accelerator cards. Even then, people were complaining about the drivers "sucking" and not being good enough, etc. As the GPUs and their attendent hardware and software have became more and more complex over the years, writing a video card driver became that much more difficult. Frankly, we should be thankful that the video cards we have now work at all; most people have no idea how complex the driver-writing process has actually become.

In a nutshell all this means that if you wait for the "perfect" driver, by the time it arrives your video card will be obsolete. All you can do is update your driver every time a new one comes out. And yes, that means running beta drivers sometimes. Joy. Joy and glory, I say. Joy, joy, joy. :|

I do agree that some game developers could really do a better job of programing, but it's not fair to paint them all with that same brush. I mean, Crysis actually does a heck of a good job considering how cutting-edge it's graphics are. The fact that very few people actually have the hardware to run it with all settings on max just goes to show how high the developers set the bar for that game.

currently got a Q6600 and 4GB of 800mhz in my machine, being let down by an old 7950GT, i will be purchasing one of these in march, just a question of which one.

I'm waiting until I see some details, myself. Like, will these require PCIe 2.0 or not? How about power connectors? With they sport six-pin or eight-pin PCIe power plugs, or what? Oh, and some benchmarks would be nice to look at, too.
Yes, I think it's a just a tad early for me to say if I'll buy new cards yet. :sleeping: