'Nvidia only' strategy pays off for XFX

When Nvidia launched its GeForce 8800, the whole camp of Nvidia camp graphics card makers was elated, and among them was Pine Technology, which markets graphics cards under the XFX brand name. Based in Hong Kong, Pine has been a loyal Nvidia supporter ever since the company decided to concentrate on the graphics card market. Now, one of Nvidia's key AIC (add-in-cards) partners, Pine is a strong player in a market dominated by competitors from Taiwan. DigiTimes recently had the opportunity to talk to Pine chairman Michael Chiu to find out why the company chosen the "Nvidia only" way.

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I've had an XFX 6800 GT for 2.5 years that just went bad the other day. XFX has a nice lifetime warranty. They will also honor the warranty if you're a second-hand owner. That's good customer support.

As a system builder at work, it's always funny hearing things like this...

Would people buy a "Pine" or "Palit" card?...probably not... they just smack of cheap far eastern card builders, yet everyone would get crazy for an XFX or Gainward card ...if only they knew where it came from