NVIDIA says, "It's coming" on Facebook page

NVIDIA recently announced their newest and most powerful PC graphics chip in the Geforce GTX 680. While that GPU was first revealed about a month ago, it looks like that product reveal might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Today, NVIDIA posted up a new wall image on its Facebook page with the company's logo that's been etched on a surface that looks a little like a new graphics card. The teaser image has a caption that says simply, and somewhat ominously, "It's coming."

Of course, the speculation engine that is the Internet has made several suggestions as to what this new product might be. One likely scenario is that NVIDIA is about to release a dual-GPU graphics card, perhaps under the name the GeForce GTX 690. Yet another possibility is that it could be a cheaper mainstream card with the GeForce GTX 670 branding. Others believe it might be something totally different, such as a PC case.

NVIDIA has not given out any more information about this teaser image, nor any clue as to when the product will get its full reveal. In the meantime, we will let the speculation about this rather sinister product teaser continue unabated.

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LaP said,
nVidia is the king of hype. Only Apple can match them.

err no, Nivida deserve to use hype as their hardware usually wipes the floor in performance to their competitors using their OWN hardware, Apple dont

An entirely new nVidia built Gaming Console

hehe, just throwing more possible rumours into the mix

My real guess would be the GTX690 if I was gunna put money on it

xpclient said,
Might be a powerful ARM CPU?

While I would love to see that (for Windows 8), we won't see another tegra CPU till this year end or early next year. Tegra 3 launched not too long ago, and while not the best ARM CPU right now, it is still a very competitive option.