NVIDIA Shield lowers price to $299 before launch

In May, NVIDIA announced that it's Android portable game console, the NVIDIA Shield, would go on sale in June for the price of $349. Today, just a few days before the console goes on sale, NVIDIA announced a big price cut for Shield.

An official NVIDIA blog post stated that the company will lower the price by $50 and will sell Shield for $299. The price cut was apparently after receiving feedback from users, with NVIDIA saying, "We've heard from thousands of gamers that if the price was $299, we'd have a home run."

The price cut will automatically go into effect even to people who have already pre-ordered the NVIDIA Shield, so they will save $50 right off the bat. The console officially goes on sale on June 27th.

Just a reminder: The console will be one of the first, if not the first, hardware products to have NVIDIA's new Tegra 4 mobile processor with four CPU cores, 72 GPU cores and 2 GB of RAM. The console itself has a five-inch display merged with a full game controller with dual analog joysticks, a full D-Pad and more.

The NVIDIA Shield will have 16 GB of storage, the latest version of the Android OS, a microSD slot, a mini-HDMI port, a micro-USB 2.0 port, support for WiFi and Bluetooth wireless and integrated speakers.  It will also have the ability to stream and play PC games via Steam, although that feature will be released in a beta form at first.

Source: NVIDIA | Image via NVIDIA

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Wow, this thing is going to fail hard. nvidia has a lot of 'yes men' in their staff. All you need to do is take one look at it to know it will bomb, what were they thinking?!

Should have been in the same price range as the Vita or 3DS. At this price, I can't imagine nVidia selling tons of them.

And it's Android games... Nothing exclusive, you can play them on any other phone or tablet...

July - $249
August - $149
September - $49 Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day

...or something like that - can't find the original comment.

The idea is nice, but the market of substandard tacky Android consoels is oversaturated.

And finally... January 2014 - $9.99 on eBay.

Seriously, this looks like something I'd buy for a kid at Toys'r'Us for 20-30 bucks for a road trip.

And the quote: ""We've heard from thousands of gamers that if the price was $299, we'd have a home run."

Yep, sure you did, Nvidia. Sure you did.

remember the xbox 1 big burger controller, well that thing remind me of that but have a screen... it looks unconfortable but at least have a decent control pad

I'm not a mobile gamer, aside from occasionally whipping out my phone to kill some time, and if it weren't conveniently part of my phone, it wouldn't be happening at all, I think maybe nvidia mistakenly counted people like me as part of their potential market. So it seems to me that those that are into mobile gaming would be more likely to buy a Vita or whatever wouldn't they? Just seems there aren't enough good games, the price is way too high, and the device itself is not carry along portable. This is just me admittedly talking out my a$$, but just don't see how this thing is going to be a big seller.

I agree with you. The only mobile gaming I do is on my phone, and that's only when I'm not within arms distance of my consoles or PC.

I guess it's an alternative to the 3DS and Vita, but that segment of the mobile gaming market is already accounted for. I don't really know who Nvidia thinks would want to buy this thing, especially for $299.

Still a bit pricey. This would be a pretty cool device to install a bunch of emulators on.

Their big selling point is the ability to stream PC games over WiFi, but I really don't know how often I would want to do that. If I'm within WiFi distance of my PC with a full keyboard, mouse, and monitor, why not just play games there?

It looks like a neat device (like the first post said though it's ugly though). But to be honest I won't look into it until it's around $149-199