Oculus to acquire design team behind Xbox 360 controller and Kinect

Oculus, the company behind Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, has announced that it will be acquiring the Carbon Design team and expanding their product engineering group.

The Carbon Design Team, which boasts over 50 awards, is a top team of industrial design and product engineering experts. In the past, they have been involved in designing various products, majority of which include Microsoft hardware such as the Xbox 360 controller, Xbox 360 wheel, Touch, Arc Touch, Express, Mobile and Wireless mice, LifeCam and recently, the Kinect motion tracking system.

Oculus has revealed that it has been working with the Carbon Design team for nearly a year on many unannounced products and has plans to launch some ergonomic and good looking products on the lines of the Xbox 360 controller with the help of this acquisition.

While Oculus itself is in the process of being acquired by Facebook for a hefty $2 billion, the company has not chosen to wait and expects its acquisition of the Carbon team to complete by the end of July. No further details about the transaction have been revealed by the company.

Source: Oculus VR | Image via Carbon Design

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Some of those are some pretty large products. I guess Microsoft is betting that Carbon Design/Facebook/Oculus will still design hardware although I suppose its not that big of a deal. Its not clear which Kintect CD designed exactly.

I believe Microsoft is designing everything in house now and don't have a need for them anymore since they can do it themselves.

Mandosis said,
I believe Microsoft is designing everything in house now and don't have a need for them anymore since they can do it themselves.

Yeah, I thought so to... But it's always nice to be able to get outside input. I don't think a company would be willing to entrust a company with such sensitive information as design ideas and product plans that was owned by what could be a competitor...

Enron said,
Well if they designed the Xbox One controller in house, it was a nice improvement over the original.

I dunno. I really like it and it feels good and is a general improvement. But some things I don't like. Mainly its to small so my index fingers actually overlap at the front, more annoying is the sharp edge on the top inside of the "handles" my two lower fingers wrap around it on the smaller One controller "handles" and then the outer joint of those fingers rest on that sharp edge.

Make it wider by widening the middle and smooth those edges like the 360 controller and it'd be perfect.