Office 365, and SkyDrive experienced service disruptions Friday morning



Well this is no way to start your Friday, there are widespread reports on twitter this morning of several Microsoft services being unavailable. In addition to the Office disruption, users are reporting issues accessing and Skydrive as well.

Our attempts to access Skydrive and are met with 504 Gateway timeouts with the following error being reported, "Gateway timeout expired while waiting for server response".

For many, this will not be a great start to the weekend and we can imagine that the folks in Redmond are waking up to many unhappy customers. An outage such as this comes at a critical time when Microsoft is working to build its image that it is able to keep its cloud online at all times. We have seen other platforms, such as Amazons cloud service EC2, report outages in the recent past as well.

Some users are having issues accessing SkyDrive as well and the service was down briefly for us around 10:00AM EST. We should note that we have been able to access SkyDrive starting around 10:15AM EST but navigation and login times took a considerable amount of time to complete.

[Update] At 10:45AM EST, users are starting to report that some of the services are coming back online.

We have pinged Microsoft to see if they have any information about when the service will be restored.

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One of many serious risks of relying on "The Cloud" for one's software and file storage. Yes, it might be helpful in certain, narrowly-defined, situations; but for reliability and security--decide for yourself.

It never stopped working for me here in India at-least !!! Though I am having problem in downloading attached files from in some cases

This might explain windows 8 store issues. It shows 2 available updates in the title but fails to connect when the store is opened.

perhaps someone else can check and store can be added to the list.

At least in the burbs of Chicago I am not having an issue with the app store. I was able to update apps and install new ones.

Desktop Client and WebAccess is having issues. Mobile seems to be working fine.

From O365 Service Health Page:

Incident EX2764

Incident start time: Feb 01, 2013 9:55 AM

Date and time



Feb 01, 2013 10:32 AM Service degradation Many users are unable to sign in and access their email and calendars.
Feb 01, 2013 10:26 AM Service interruption Many users are unable to sign in and access their email and calendars.
Feb 01, 2013 10:12 AM Investigating We are investigating a potential issue. At this time we don't have enough information to identify whether this is an actual service incident. We will provide more information shortly.

Our school uses Outlook Web app, it's down. (Ohio)

It seems to be the business that use the outlook web app / 365.
Not personal e-mail / sky drive accounts. is down for me but using takes me to my mail just fine in the meantime.

Work (Office 365) email is also inaccessible through any client software/phone but going direct to the web portal is ok...

UK ditto, minor problems with Outlook during the early hours but all seems quiet now. The real issue I have with is the ghastly, clunky, uninspired, pastel, Toytown look. Changed back to Hotmail for that reason; though the earlier problems did act as the catalyst for my decision.

UK here. I can't access at the moment and SkyDrive has stopped working. In fact I've been having issues with Outlook this past week. Most unimpressed.

Talk about bad timing, on the heels of the launch of the new Office 365, there are widespread reports on twitter this morning of the service being unavailable.

I think you're confusing Office 365 and Office 365 Home Premium. Office 365 is a hosted service for mail etc. Office 365 Home Premium is a subscription version of the Office 2013 client apps.

Fair point, I was referencing it from a brand perspective which I would imagine the average consumer would equate the two entites being tied.

Here in the UK we're seeing outages on Three mobile and a Verizon circuit, but not on BT Internet. This rather screams 'routing issues' to me.

Everything working fine here. (east coast US)

Edit: weird, times out but works.
Edit2: working too.

Perhaps it's a regional thing. SkyDrive anyway is working on both my desktop and Windows Phone, along with, midwestern US.