Office for Android phones released for Office 365 subscribers

Android users who subscribe to Office 365 now have a smartphone application for the productivity suite, as Microsoft has released Office for Android, though only smartphones are supported at the moment.

The app, which is largely unchanged from the Office for iPhone app released by Microsoft in June, allows users to edit and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go. Tablet support isn't yet available, and a blog post by Julia White, general manager of the Office Division, doesn't mention when, or if an Android tablet version will be released. The release brings Office to the three major smartphone operating systems, as now iOS, Android and Windows Phone all feature the software. Notably, however, the Windows Phone version doesn't require an Office 365 subscription like its counterparts.

Office for Android users can edit and view files, with most major editing features supported.

Most major features of the productivity suite are available in the app, including the ability to insert charts, animations, graphics and shapes. More intricate editing features remain unsupported, and font editing is primarily limited to adding bold, italics, font colors and highlighting, the same features available on the other Office smartphone apps.

As with the Windows Phone and iPhone versions, the Office for Android app syncs with SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro to store documents in the cloud. Additionally, sharing options are built into the app, allowing users to send documents through either SkyDrive or email.

The Office for Android app is currently available through the Google Play Store for free, though only U.S. users can download the app at the moment, and they will have to log into an Office 365 account to begin editing or viewing documents. More countries are scheduled to receive the app in the coming weeks.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I have Office 2013 on my PC, and I have a Windows Phone. I would love to have this on my android tablet, provided I could find an apk to download cos the play store won't let me install it since it's not a phone, but no way in hell am I going to pay a subscription for what should be a free app. I'll just keep on using the web-based office in a browser, though that solution is a bit slow and potentially unstable on a tablet.

How much better is this (and/or iOS version) than the Office web apps? If not much then provided you've a good net connection no point subscribing to Office 365 just for mobile use.

I have a subscription - was $79 for 4 years (thank you .edu email!), with 60 minutes of Skype, and some other benefits. This app. is compatible with my HTC One, but not the new Nexus 7 2013

Love Office 365 :-) Switched from the box version a few months ago, and have been loving it ever since. Since I also have a Lumia 920, it doesn't count towards my 5 license count so I can share the licenses amongst my tablet and my family's non-Windows phones as well now.

Office 2010 is a mess running on wine. Some features are buggy, others just flat out won't work. I'm talking about a native port.

Agree with most here, I only use Office through work. Would be awesome to have office running on my phone. The App I have does the job but I would still choose to use MS's offering if I had the chance.

Doubt I will ever use this since I got my two copies of Office 2013 Professional Plus for only $19.99 through my companies HUP.

They should offer a discount for those who have Professional and Professional Plus. No way in hell am I paying $9.95 a month just to view, edit and create documents from my mobile devices. Thank God there are much better options out there.

startscreennope said,
You'd think Office would be one of MS's bullet points to try to strongarm businesses into using Windows tablets/phones.

the office subscription business is more profitable if it is made available to as many users as possible. That's why the apps are released on other mobile OSes, to entice people to get a subscription.

No what they're doing is actually a good move because Office is a service... if they want it to sell, they'll bring it to everyone (which is what they did). Their selling point for Windows/Windows Phone is that their version has the best feature-rich and is deeply integrated into the OS compared to iOS/Android versions.

It's 99 bucks a year for a subscription that includes up to 5 pc devices and all of your portable devices.. Why wouldn't you sub to it? is 28 cents a day too much? if you don't use office at all, sure, don't bother.. but otherwise, this is the first time i've ever seen value in owning office - by not actually owning it and "leasing" it for whatever i need it for.. (much better than paying 399/seat like the "good old days")

Why would I subscribe and pay additional money when I have Office 2007/2010 and the app I am currently using more than does what I need on my phone/tablet. And the app is free. I also do not have 5 computers that I have Office installed on. I have over 5 systems but they all serve different functions.

I already own Office 2010 Pro and it's paid for. I see nothing in 2013 that makes me want to start paying $99 a year to use it especially if I can't use it anymore when I stop paying. I'd be more than happy to pay a one-time fee (up to around $20) for Office on my Android phone, I already use OneNote for Android.

Office 2010 won't stay current forever. Eventually, you're probably going to have to buy a new version of Office to stay up-to-date, and over the years, it'll end up costing more money to pay for a full new version every couple of years, than it will to keep a subscription for $99 a year.

Add in the fact that the subscription works on up to 5 computers, and you're also able to use your full Office suite on any other Internet-connected computer as well, as well as it working on these mobile apps, I think it's worth the money.

Of late every other version of Office has been worthwhile (to me). I went from Office 2003 which I was very happy with to 2010 and skipped 2007 because of it's partial ribbon implementation. I'm definitely going to skip 2013 because of it's half-baked touch interface. MAYBE I'll get the next one but since I paid $400 for 2010 unless a version I actually want comes out before 2015 I'm better off buying the software then subscribing to it. Plus if funds get tight now (or MS jacks up the price) I can always continue to use 2010. I'm not confident there will even be anything I want in the next version of Office, I don't see MS's track records as being that great of late.

Understandable. Yeah, I was surprised with how few changes there were between Office 2010 and 2013 (but I think the biggest changes was back-end stuff anyway). ... I think it's hard for those guys to figure out how to top the previous version.