Official Windows Phone 8 LivingSocial app released

Microsoft continues to add new and major apps to its Windows Phone libary and today, the company revealed that the popular daily deals online service LivingSocial has just launched its official Windows Phone 8 app.

Microsoft's Windows Phone blog has the details on the new app, which will offer users a way to get discounts for between 50 to 90 percent in their local area on restaurants, trips and local attractions. Microsoft adds,"The app also takes advantage of unique Windows Phone features, so you can display deals on your Live Tiles and lock screen wallpaper, then save the purchase voucher in your Wallet."

The app also allows users to send Twitter notices to any deals they may have bought to family or friends. If three of those folks decide to also jump in on the same discount, the person who sent out the original Tweet will be able to get the deal they bought for free.

LivingSocial, based in Washington DC, first launched in 2007 and currently has over 70 million registered users. The fact that Windows Phone 8 users can now download their own LivingSocial app shows a slow but steady growth in the Windows Phone platform in general.

Source: Microsoft | Image via LivingSocial

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I wish they could have integrated this with whats already included in Windows Phone 8 with the scout option and daily deals

Too bad this whole 'daily deals' fad is dying pretty quickly. My wife will probably download it but she's pretty much stopped using both Groupon and Living Social. LS she used more frequently.

Yeah I think most of those are slowly dying. Groupon has been sucking for a while, Google Offers will probably never graduate from "Beta" before being killed off, etc. I haven't used LS much but I assume it's a very similar story with them as well...