OLPC Experiments with Cow-Powered Laptops

According to One Laptop Per Child Project's Arjun Sarwal, the group is considering powering its low-cost XO laptops with cows: "We plan to drive a dynamo (taken from an old Fiat) through a system of belts and pulleys using cows/cattle." Sarwal and others are now finalizing the design of the cow-powered generator.

Working in a village close to Mumbai, India, the organization concluded that solar energy, wind power and running water would not have sufficient sources of power in the area, and the cost of running a gas-powered motor was too high. "But the village had an abundance of cattle that were being used in the fields. So we decided to design something around that," said Sarwal. The dynamo used in the system was taken from a Fiat car that is commonly used as taxis in Mumbai and therefore both cheap and readily available.

News source: ComputerWorld

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SEE?.... these people don't even have a power infrastructure and we want to SELL them laptops... the more I'm exposed to this digusting hypocracy the more it makes me sick.

You're going to have cows pull a dynamo to produce electricity to power your computer? Absurd. Cows + computars.

I thought I'd clarify this cows are holy thing, just so people know.

Anyways, as for cows being sacred, I'm a well read indian and I can say that in this spiritial system, unlike the Judeo-Christian paradigm, we feel that all life is sacred. Even plants. As for cows, we just really like them. Really truly like them. So, we don't want anyone to kill them. Yes, they're sacred, but to us all life is.

This is similar to how, in western societies, people really like dogs, and many can’t think of killing them for food. So, I’m just putting things in perspective, Indians could say that here dogs are holy and whatnot.


faraaz said,
i highly doubt it. especially since indians think cows are holy

May be they will manage it with some sort of euphemism "the cow is not working, it's relaxing.. or losing weigh .. or is some sort of cow's spa".