OnLive Desktop goes legal

If you use OnLive Desktop to run Windows 7 on your iPad or Android tablet, you'll be pleased to know that the service isn't in any danger. Microsoft recently made a bit of a fuss over OnLive's apparent improper licensing of Windows 7, but it looks like they've resolved their differences by switching to Windows Server 2008 R2 instead of standard Windows 7, according to visualization expert Brian Madden.

Microsoft offered to help OnLive find a mutually agreeable solution, so it's possible that they simply suggested that the company switch to Server 2008, which allows for licensing to services like OnLive Desktop. On the other hand, it's also possible that OnLive ended up having to re-license everything, and it's unlikely that either of them is going to have much to say about it.

While Windows Server 2008 is a very similar OS to Windows 7, the update unfortunately cost OnLive a few features. Some users over at OnLive Fans noticed that handwriting recognition is no longer supported, which is a shame since it's a really useful feature that's missing from most stock tablet OSes. Still, it's great to see Microsoft and OnLive resolve their issues, and with their legal troubles behind them maybe OnLive can focus on improving their services and features. Now guys, where's OnLive Player for iOS?

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Almost all features of 7 are in 2008 r2 !!! they just need to be added by the Features list on install/uninstall programs .... or need to be enabled by Registry Mods or Group Policy Mods.... other features require a bit more work or just downloaded from the Internet and Installed....

about the ONLY feature of win 7 that is not on 2008 r2 is the Media Sharing Component to Windows Media Player that was taken out as your ment to use the addon product of Media Services on win2k servers anyway ... or a 3rd party such as TVersity,

yes btw talking from experience here as i have win2k8 r2 running on a spare pc under MS Technet License so i can learn !

everything is there its just hidden much like most the features are hidden in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I'm sure MS gave them some discounts or it would still cost over $500 per unique machine when you factor in not just the RDS CALs (which is easy to license) but that you can only use MS Office standard or pro plus which is licensed per Machine (not per user) and standard is pretty expensive even in volume.

remixedcat said,
There's ways to get it on there. I've gotten a graphics tablet and other workstation tweaks to work fine on server 2008.

I believe there's even a converter tool one could use on it.


Yup just about anything 'missing' I've found can be added with a little work (ignoring for a second it might not be up to the letter of one license). I doubt ms gives a crap in this instance (or others who take on a some win7 files) since they are getting more from the server license. I had to do some similar stunts to enable full system restore for my home workstation (srvr2).