Opera 22.0.1471.50

Opera is a Web browser that offers lots of features to let you take advantage of today's Web. Opera's interface combines precision and quality. Integrating modern style with powerful features, Opera gives you the freedom to truly open the web and explore. Surf the Web at lightning speed. Protect yourself against Internet threats.

What's new in this version:

  • DNA-19849 Wrong URL after going backwards (or forwards) in the history
  • DNA-20638 Unable to select URL from address field while page is still loading
  • DNA-20965 Netinstaller: Redirect on JSON URL is allowed
  • DNA-21066 [Win] Fix for uninstallation survey is not very stable
  • DNA-21138 [Win] Opera uses the same registry key to switch on HiDPI with Chrome

Download: Opera 22.0.1471.50 | 26.3 MB (Freeware)
View: Opera  Website | Release Notes

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I don't know why they gave up Opera for Linux. Last version was 12.x. It's especially odd given that they use Chromium as the basis for Opera, and that's Linux native.

yeah not 3 hours after writing the above comment I got a msg saying Opera has an update and would I like to install it now

This is I think is an Opera Next version from the looks of the version so not quite ready for prime time use as a browser the most upto date version for download is 21.0.1432.67 which is what you get when you go to the Opera website and click download

It's no strange issue that stable releases get pushed out before the download page gets updated. I wouldn't worry about it.

That being said, this is probably the only version based on Chrome (Chromium) I'd ever use. I know many people are annoyed they ditched the old engine, but since Opera never performed so well on my PC(s), not sure why, this is a welcome change indeed.