Opera Mini coming to Windows Phone, beta sign-up now available

A couple of weeks back, Microsoft revealed that it is making Opera Mini the default browser on its Nokia Series 30+, Series 40 and Asha handsets, replacing the Nokia Xpress browser, which is being killed off. Today, Opera announced that it is also bringing its browser to Microsoft's Windows Phone for the first time. 

"We know we took a long time," the company said today, "but our test version is now available. Download it, try it and give us your feedback. We'll listen and make improvements to give you the best browsing experience on your Windows Phone." 

Of course, Microsoft might well disagree with that assessment, given the extensive work the company has put into improving Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.1, including a new user agent string that mimics iOS and Android, in order to provide better feature support for end users. 

But Opera is clearly committed to delivering a top-quality browsing experience of its own on Windows Phone, and that's great news for users who will benefit from more choice and increased competition. To sign up for the beta, just hit the source link below. 

Source: Opera via WPCentral

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So, we have Opera Mini for Nokia S30/S40/Asha series, and now Opera Mini for Windows Phone 8.1.

I wonder if a Windows RT version will be next...


Aryeh Goretsky

I don't mind IE on Windows Phone but feel it could be better, I'll definitely give this a try when it is available but will more than likely find myself back with IE.

saw this a few hours ago on Windows Phone Central and signed myself up. Here is hoping that it does a better job than IE does on the phone. IE is one of my only complaints about my phone.

I will be very interested to see if Opera will have support for streaming video on damn near every website that's not YouTube.

you can blame FB, google and others who when they see IE they redirect you to:


MSFT basically had no choice but to prove the haters wrong and show IE is on par with everybody and renders just as good. but the results are going to be what you saw.

For the first time in my life I'm getting popups on my phone asking me to download some apk to speed up my slow 'Android' phone or get rid of the 17 viruses detected lol.

This was the last app I was waiting for on WP. They took their damn time with it, but sort of nice timing with 730 and 830's announcement in a few days.

I'm on a limited data plan and opera mini sure comes in handy; saving 80%-90% on bandwidth.

Given the regions WP has seen the most success, it makes sense. And I for one welcome another browser, although I hope its using their engine and not IE. I like IE for WP, but it has some issues with vBulletin forums...

Chikairo said,
I hope its using their engine and not IE.

Opera mini doesn't even have an engine. It's OBML based and everything is server-side.

Actually, it has more issues with website than any other full browser, since it doesn't support things like javascript, etc. (technical limitation).

I solely use it to save my data quota. At least it's fast and improves battery life.

eddman said,
I solely use it to save my data quota.

Have you tried Data Sense? I myself never realized such an awesome feature came built into WP. And it's system wide, meaning it monitors data being consumed not only through the browser but all your apps as well. Just set your data limit and forget about it. You won't even notice any difference while browsing but it intelligently keeps working it's magic in the background to bring your data consumption down by almost a third. It even resets itself each at the end of each month.

AsherGZ said,

Have you tried Data Sense?

I know, and do plan to use it, but opera mini saves even further; more than 90%, in most cases. Every little bit helps.

"We know we took a look time," the company said today...

Did they really say that or are they being misquoted?

Timan said that Opera Mini is not supported on Windows Phone.

Will this announcement change his mind or will it still not be supported?

Opera mini is good for low bandwidth surfing, but if it's like the Android version it's simply very limited in terms of Javascript functionality.

not likely to change much as the issue isn't with the site. it's with Opera Mini lacking standard features that every other browser has now that the new site uses (js & css related features if i remember correctly)

Edited by Brando212, Sep 2 2014, 9:26pm :

Neowin in Opera Mini is currently broken if you use their traditional server-side engine. But then a lot of responsive sites or those JS heavy don't work either.

If you use the Turbo mode then it's fine since there it's essentially feeding non HTTPS traffic through a proxy. I know this is the case for the iOS version - not sure if it's the same for the Android and WP versions.