Oracle OpenWorld: Larry Ellison Keynote (Live)

We'll be beginning our live blog of the Oracle OpenWorld keynote at 8pm ET/5pm CT.

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23:33 Christopher White Welcome to this live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
23:34 Christopher White We will be beginning the live blog in roughly 30 minutes. Stay tuned!
23:39 Christopher White Everyone lining up, waiting to get in.
23:41 Christopher White While you're waiting, see our first impressions from yesterday.
23:44 Christopher White 15 minutes until kickoff!
23:51 Christopher White Press folks waiting for the keynote...
00:02 Christopher White Getting close -- the room is really filling up quickly.
00:04 Christopher White Apparently they're getting a late start... Announcement just said that we're starting in 10 minutes...
00:06 Christopher White It appears that the official Oracle OpenWorld hashtag on Twitter is #OOW -- check it out if you want to see more information from the keynote!
00:14 Christopher White strike one - Wi-Fi died... Thanks Oracle...
00:17 Christopher White Fujitsu will be giving the first talk. right now Oracle is taking about his great Fuji is.
00:18 Christopher White Toyoki from Fujitsu talking.
00:19 Christopher White pictures from Japan's tsunami. :-(
00:23 Christopher White product centric to network to human centric.
00:23 Christopher White Losing Wi-Fi at the start of the keynote is not cool, Oracle.
00:26 Christopher White Fujitsu speaker isn't that interesting right now, although the picture of Kobe beef made me hungry...
00:27 Christopher White Fujitsu is helping agriculture and fans make more food...I think.
00:27 Christopher White the Agricultural Cloud.
00:28 Christopher White putting sensors on plants to detect environmental
00:29 Christopher White the Agricultural Cloud can increase yield by up to 70 percent
00:30 Christopher White Orange juice at the Fujitsu booth!
00:31 Christopher White Wi-Fi seems to be back - hope Oracle can keep it going...
00:33 Christopher White Futjisu's healthcare cloud -- can predict whether you will have diabetes in the future. (not sure I need analytics to predict that... )
00:34 Christopher White "It feels strange that a computer is telling me what disease I might get."
00:34 Christopher White "My first recommendation would be to reduce your alcohol consumption."
00:37 Christopher White All of the videos Fujitsu is showing are in Japanese. They must've used this presentation at a different conference.
00:41 Christopher White And the Wi-Fi is down again. Yay.
00:44 Christopher White Fujitsu creating new computer - taking technology from super computers
00:45 Christopher White well be highly scalable - using building block method. sounds similar to what Oracle does with exadata
00:45 Christopher White well use a hardware interconnect
00:47 Christopher White liquid loop cooling.
00:47 Christopher White And putting software on a chip...
00:47 Christopher White Andy mendelsohn from Oracle to talk more more.
00:49 Christopher White always want to minimize cpu. Oracle working with Fujitsu on project Athena to move database processing to the chip.
00:51 Christopher White back to the target full Fujitsu speaker..:-(
00:51 Christopher White We want Larry! We want Larry!
00:52 Christopher White make a new car, mine Twitter data to see what the overall world impression is.
00:53 Christopher White can find where negative comments are from and market better there. all using big data
00:53 Christopher White analytic prediction
00:54 Christopher White break down data based on many characteristics - education, salary, cell phone usage, etc.
00:54 Christopher White big data is just as scary as ever. :-)
00:56 Christopher White Athena will give us timely analysis -- real time instead of days to analyze big data.
00:58 Christopher White Exclusive arithmetic unit inside of Athena offloads the conversion to hardware.
00:59 Christopher White An update on the SPARC latform Collaboration between Oracle and Fujitsu cansbe seen at Moscone South Booth 1311 for those at OOW.
01:02 Christopher White Masami Yamamoto, president of Fujitsu... But can't be bothered to be here live, only did a video.
01:03 Christopher White Standard disclaimers that everything they talked about may or may not actually come true.
01:03 Christopher White Oracle video playing -- LOUDLY....
01:04 Christopher White And now - LARRY ELLISON!!!
01:05 Christopher White CEO of Oracle, for those who don't know ;)
01:05 Christopher White By this time next year, that SPARC multiprocessor will run Oracle faster than any other product - by using software functions into silicon.
01:06 Christopher White Cloud Computing -- Netsuite formed in '98, Salesforce formed in '99. A long time ago. The beginning of the cloud.
01:07 Christopher White Buy an Application (SaaS), a platform (Paas), or just infrastructure (IaaS)
01:08 Christopher White Giving kudos to Amazon's elastic cloud.
01:09 Christopher White Eight years after the early SaaS companies.
01:10 Christopher White Larry says, "Next slide," then catches himself and says, "I have a button to push for that, don't need someone to do it for me!"
01:12 Christopher White Cloud computing is a utility method, been with us forever (think: electric company)
01:13 Christopher White Larry is a character... Stopped presentation to get a drink of... water?
01:14 Christopher White Fusion middleware had to be built before they could build CRM.
01:14 Christopher White (or ERP)
01:14 Christopher White Oracle Cloud in 2011 - two tiers of cloud. SaaS and PaaS.
01:15 Christopher White Is Java really the #1 most popular programming language in the world...?
01:17 Christopher White Next up - IaaS
01:18 Christopher White Oracle is offering their OS, VM, Compute services, and storage service - exadata, exalogic, supercluster, exalytics, networked together with InfiniBand.
01:19 Christopher White Major supplier of OS, servers, and storage ever since buying SUn.
01:20 Christopher White Announcing the Oracle Private Cloud.
01:21 Christopher White Oracle owns it, manages it, upgrades it, you only pay a monthly fee and only for what you use.
01:23 Christopher White Interesting concept. I wonder if this can be used as a backup solution, for example - and only flip to it in a disaster (thus saving money over buying a second Exadata, for example)
01:23 Christopher White Just answered my question - can use Oracle Cloud for DR.
01:25 Christopher White Best in class Security*, Reliability *(Java excepted.. )
01:26 Christopher White Oracle 12c - first multitenant database in the world.
01:27 Christopher White Separate memory and processes allocated to each database.
01:30 Christopher White Oracle 12c has the concept of a "container database."
01:30 Christopher White You then plug multiple seperate private databases into that container.
01:33 Christopher White Oracle 11g vs 12c -- use much less hardware when we add customers/databases.
01:36 Christopher White Announcing Exadata X3 -- Database in-memory machine.
01:36 Christopher White "If you thought the old Exadata was fast, you aint seen nothing yet!"
01:36 Christopher White 26 TB of DRAM and Flash in one rack. 10x Database compression.
01:45 Christopher White 10-20x faster when upgrade from X2 to X3 -- sounds like a software upgrade, which is nice.
01:46 Christopher White EMC VMAX 40K is faster than any of the competition. How does it compare to Oracle...?
01:47 Christopher White 52GB/sec for EMC, 100GB/sec for a single Exadata rack - for high bandwidth applications.
01:47 Christopher White Make a full 8 racks -- 800GB/sec compared to 52GB/sec...
01:48 Christopher White One rack of Exadata is much cheaper than a maxed out 40K.
01:51 Christopher White Exadata X3-2 Eigth rack -- list price $200k.
01:54 Christopher White Does that mean a single node, no RAC? If so, lame.
01:54 Christopher White And that ends the keynote. I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!
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