Oracle OpenWorld: Topics we'll be exploring

From Sunday, September 30th through Thursday, October 4th, Oracle will descend upon San Francisco's Moscone Center for their annual Oracle OpenWorld conference, and Neowin will be on the ground covering the highlights for you. The keynote starts at 5pm Pacific time, and we can't wait to hear what Larry Ellison has to say about the state of the industry, their battle with Google, and perhaps a few pictures of his new island in Hawaii.

Oracle has recently joined the "cloud computing" bandwagon, so we can't wait to hear what their future plans are for this methodology. There's also several sessions about security - both from their Exadata appliance, as well as in general, that will be interesting to hear. All of this combined with general database technology should make the conference a good time for all.

Let us know if you'll be attending or if there's anything specific you'd like to learn from this conference!

Source: Oracle OpenWorld

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As a company, i really like Oracle.
Oracle is a company focused in business. It talks with developers and executives. Oracle is a long term company, they don't think in the today or in the tomorrow but in the next year or next 10 years.

For example, Oracle decided to not to add modularization to Java in the next version Java 8 and instead, they decided to wait for java 9 (2015)

Oracle is close to IBM, if it not becoming the next IBM.

Edited by Brony, Sep 29 2012, 11:34pm :

OK, having a Hollywood movie trailer style teaser for this event is just so typical Oracle.
Pay, pay, pay. Then we'll tell you about more that you have to pay for in order to implement our solutions.

I'm not impressed with what's happened to Java, Solaris, SPARC and the rest of their last 15 years of acquisitions. Their database solutions haven't impressed me much either.

Like an old tired turtle struggling to get off the beach.

There are better solutions out there.

Haha yeah funny that. SUN used to be a pretty good company but as soon as oracle put their muddy hands on it, everything they did and did so well became complete and utter cack.