Orange SPV C500 Review

The arrival of the smallest smart phone in the world in August marked a new day for the future of smart phones. HTC, who manufacture the C500, have teamed up with Orange, who sell and support the device and Microsoft who provide the software. The team have raised the bar for smart phones and have begun the first smart phone evolution.. Thanks to the folks at Orange UK we have had the chance to sit down and get to grips with this new smart phone. If you're interested in buying a smart phone, now is the time.

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Nice little phone, but from reading the built in contacts featuers, other functions, etc, I would go for any nokia smartphone over this phone for 2 reasons:

1) Userfriendliness and "speed-usage" in nokia definitely beats any other phone, again that'a a matter of opinion for some people.

2) Symbian Series 60 OS covers all any other OS can do and a lot more. And it's 3rd party programs work very flawlessly after having tried the 7610 for a while, actually there appear to be no problem at all, plus symbian has soem of the niftiest programs around, including 3rd party ones.

Don't think this phone is bad, just looks like nokia would be more convenient to use+features.