ORIGIN PC is "definitely" looking at adding next-gen consoles inside Big O PC

As Microsoft and Sony get ready to launch their next generation game consoles in less than three months, much has been made of the fact that both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are using hardware co-designed by AMD. The processors inside both consoles are based on x86 architecture, the same design that processors use for most Windows PCs.

There's already a company out there that makes a very high end gaming desktop PC that includes all of the hardware of Microsoft's current game console, the Xbox 360. That's the Big O from ORIGIN PC which the company introduced in September 2010. The company doesn't list a price for the Big O on its website (you have to email them for that info) but when it was first launched three years ago, the starting price was $7,669 and went up to $17,000.

With the Xbox 360 now nearly eight years old and with the Xbox One and PS4 now getting close to release, we wondered if ORIGIN PC had plans to launch a new version of the Big O with a PC combined with the hardware in Microsoft's or Sony's consoles. We contacted ORIGIN PC's CEO Kevin Wasielewski, and he told us,"We will definitely be looking into next gen consoles for the Big O."

And has the PC-Xbox 360 version of the Big O been a success for ORIGIN PC? Wasielewski says, "It has done well for us, going undefeated winning CPU’s Dream Machine competition two years in a row, it was featured in the Bellevue Microsoft store, and has been custom built for many customers." As expected, he did not reveal specific sales numbers.

So if you want to wait to get a PC that also has the hardware of the new generation of game consoles included, you might want to wait; ORIGIN PC might have something for you sometime in the future ... if you have the cash.

Image via ORIGIN PC

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Not for me, I'd rather pay for convenience. I have several friends at work who almost on a daily basis criticize me for buying a PC, which the intention of upgrading later. Pretty much their soul argument is "but its cheaper".

So are a lot of things if you do them yourself, but its quicker to buy. Now I ridicule their every decision and ask why didn't do it themselves. Why go to the butchers when it'd be cheaper to hunt and slaughter your own animal, buying bacon is for plebs. Why did you buy that house? Its cheaper to buy a plot of land and build a house etc.

They'll give up soon.

I think those extreme examples are met with appropriate eye rolls. "Building" a PC takes an hour at best. The time is spent researching ahead of time, which many enjoy. You're left with a superior machine compared to ready made at the same price point or an equally good machine for far less money.

It's OK to buy for convenience and pay a premium, but you'll need to work hard to justify it in that way. If I had the money to burn I might consider it, but it would have to be "rapper" money :-)

He buys a sandwich from the Store every day too, and buys Starbucks Coffee. In those situations making your own is immensely cheaper.

I bought a PC for £1000 and will upgrade bits out of it. I'm not saying one is better than the other, just I meet so many people who cannot accept that there might be people out there who don't want to build a PC. I have plenty of money so why not?

Building your own pc is rewarding because you choose the best components, and it's "relatively" easy. I would compare this to cooking , except than you don't need to build a pc every days.

It's not necessarily cheaper. It's for fun and part of the high end PC gaming experience. You can actually get off the shelf PCs cheaper because they put in low end parts you'd never buy individually. I don't know how many cheap fans I've replaced that started buzzing.

Don't know about there but most PC shops here employ system builders and specialists. You just have to tell them how much you want to spend and they'll have your system ready within a few hours. Of course it's not as fun as researching every part yourself but for people like looking for convenience, you get the benefits of a custom build plus it's more powerful than anything you can buy off the shelf for the same price.