Other Microsoft Programs Said at Risk for Web Worm

Redmond finally speaks... Thanks WiNBETA for the heads up.

Microsoft Corp. said on Saturday that a virus-like attack against its key database software, which slowed Internet traffic around the globe, could spread to its other less frequently used programs unless users protected themselves with key software updates.

Although the spread of the computer worm had passed its peak and was coming under control, Microsoft Chief Security Strategist Scott Charney urged companies, the main buyers of Microsoft's SQL (pronounced 'sequel') Server 2000 and other related programs, to download security patches from the world's largest software maker's Web site.

"It was a vulnerability. We knew about it, but someone is exploiting it," Charney told Reuters, "We want our customers to be as secure as possible and install the patches."

News source: Reuters

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Its annoying to think that software sold onto consumer markets has the capability to bring the Internet to its knees due to bugs and lack of patching/updates.

So simple and to think that the people who set this off played off admins who could of patched up last July (yep July 2002)