Outback race to flush out fastest dunny

The world's eyes, and noses, are on the outback central western Queensland town of Winton today for the Australian Dunny Derby. Organiser Robin Stevens says she is amused that media outlets around the world are interested in the race of modified outdoor toilets. She says there is more the $5,000 on offer to the team that wins the gruelling challenge. "This race is run over a 250 metre track and the jockey has to dismount and pick up quite a number of objects along the way ... the winners go straight into the finals and the losers go into the constipation stakes ... and there's also a prize for the best presented team and outhouse and that's called the ass wipers' trophy - yes, ass wipers," she said.

Ms Stevens says there are 20 racing loos nominated for the event. "They're not only locals, they've come from all over the state ... actually the RAAF boys from Townsville have put a loo in, there's two from the Gold Coast, there's one from the town of Miles ... they're set up on wheels, we get two pushers, two pullers and, of course, the jockey is seated on the thunderbox," she said.

News source: ABC News (Australia)

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Hey now, if you don't like the quality of the news, do something about it. Report new stories (ie, not found on 300 news portals already) and submit it with a catchy spiel. Be constructive now and then, any tool can say "why is this here?" but it takes someone with balls to offer an alternative story.

That being said, why is an Aussie quoted as saying "ass"? Last I knew, we still used the Queen's own "arse" in our vocab.

peachey said,
Because we like to shorten everything possible.
To ass? No I'm guessing the writer has seen/read too many American movies/literature. I still spell it 'arse'.

We hardly ever have "Strange News of The Week" articles anymore, from memory the last one was about the cat the rode the bus everyday so there would be no point trying to filter it out.

excalpius said,
How can I filter this sort of irrelevant (belongs on digg not neowin, imho) story out? Thanks.

Try closing your eyes or simply not reading the story. I realise it must be traumatic seeing a news story you deem extraneous. So if my advice is too late and you start to suffer symptoms such as insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, or anxiety I’d pay a visit to a mental health pro if I was you.


I asked a simple question. I never implied it was anything more than an inappropriate (imho) annoyance.

Maybe it is you who's in need of some professional help?

And this is tech news... how, exactly? <its not, strange news of the week (see the badge/image) isn't restricted to just tech news.