Over 200 apps now available for Microsoft Office 2013

In August 2012, just after the launch of the preview version of Office 2013, Microsoft launched the preview version of the Office Store, where app developers can offer third party apps that will work with Microsoft's various new Office software programs.

With today's launch of the commercial version of Office 2013, as well as the new Office 365 Home Premium, ReadWriteWeb reports that, according to a Microsoft spokesperson, there are now over 200 apps available to download from the Office Store; the spokesperson did not have any information on the total amount of downloads from the store.

The article focuses its attention on one Office Store app developer called Gliffy, which created an app that allows flowcharts, floorplans and other diagrams to be embedded, via a web-based service, in programs such as Word 2013. The app is free but users can sign up to use the company's service for $4.95 a month, which allows them to create up to 200 diagrams.

Ron Levi, director of marketing at Gliffy, said that the app has been downloaded over 1,000 times since launching in December. He seemed very hopeful that the launch of the new Office could lead to big things for the company, saying, "Unquestionably, the Microsoft Office opportunity is potentially an enormous one. We were thinking, is there any other software package that is larger, worldwide? No way."

Source: ReadWriteWeb | Image via Microsoft

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I'd like to take a stab at the first real comment here...

I have used the dictionary plug ins extensively in my classroom, and when my screen is on the board and students can see what research i can do, it's very helpful and useful. I like the app/plug ins.

They can call them zooboo's for all I care, just keep making the software better.

jren207 said,
I have app-solutely no idea what you're talking about.

Apps (Applications) have Apps now which those sub apps could have their own apps.... its just a joke

Kalint said,
So are these apps the same thing as add-ins?

Office is a full platform, that you can use to create Applications, and has provided this functionality since the late 80s, early 90s.

They are about as close to a addin as a rocket trip to the outer space is to a drive in the country.

Office has one huge platform that software can fully be integrated and developed on top of it.

Majesticmerc said,
So when does a plugin become an "app"? Does it have to do anything special or is "app" just management-speak for plugin nowadays?

It is marketing speak for any programs/widgets/plugins. And I thought Microsoft didn't like to follow Apple's lead on these things...

In the case of Office it's referring to a specific new app model, runtime and APIs that was added in 2013. It's different than any of the existing plugin models. The most important difference is that the new apps are "sandboxed" so you should be able to install and uninstall them more safely.