Pale Moon 19.0 released, download now

Pale Moon is a custom-built and optimized Firefox-based browser for Windows operating systems with current, high performance processors. It looks identical to the standard Firefox browser and supports Firefox extensions, themes and identities.


  • Highly optimized for modern processors
  • 100% Firefox sourced: As safe as the browser that has seen years of development.
  • Uses slightly less memory because of disabled redundant and optional code
  • Significant speed increases for page drawing and script processing
  • Stability: experience fewer browser crashes.
  • Support for SVG and Canvas, and downloadable fonts including WOFF
  • Support for HTML5 and WebGL (v4+)
  • Support for Firefox extensions (add-ons), themes and personas
  • Support for OOPP (Out-of-process plugin execution)
  • Able to use existing Firefox bookmarks and settings with this migration tool

This is a new major release with a lot of changes and improvements:

  • Update of the underlying Firefox (gecko) code to v19. This has a number of consequences:
  • Add-ons and themes may need to be updated since the UI code has changed.
  • HTML5-implementation is more complete
  • A number of CSS statements have their prefix removed (-moz*)
  • Javascript now uses the IonMonkey engine by default, which is a new (faster) engine
  • Improvements to the layout and rendering engines
  • If you are using a language pack, you need to update it to the new version
  • Update of the browser style. Main browser controls and the padlock look slightly different.
  • Several Pale Moon specific improvements to the rendering engine, noticeable in general use and certain benchmarks, to prevent browser stalls or high CPU usage on certain pages.
  • The builds no longer use PGO (Profile Guided Optimization) but are globally speed-optimized.

For details about each of these points, see the detailed changelog post on the forum.

Download: Pale Moon 19.0 | 15.2 MB (Freeware)
Download: Portable Pale Moon 19.0 | 17.2 MB
Download: Pale Moon 19.0 x64 | 18.4 MB
View: Homepage | Release Notes

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Migrated from FF19 to this 64bit PM and it seems faster, smoother, could be a placebo but certainly is feeling like a decent browser

I've never had much luck with PaleMoon's performance. Perhaps it's just my particular hardware, but the PaleMoon x86 builds consistently benchmarked slightly slower versus the official binaries, and the x64 builds are significantly worse. Octane for example on the v19 builds, Firefox scores about 1000 higher. Unfair comparison, but throw nightly v22 (x86) into the mix and that's scores about 3200 higher than PaleMoon x64 v19 on this rig. It's not pokey by any stretch, if I didn't look at benchmark sites I wouldn't even notice it probably. I've only tried a few though, V8, Octane and PeaceKeeper. Lack of x64 optimization on Mozilla's end maybe?

I don't bother benchmarking browsers, I can tell just by normal browsing if its better or worse, an hour of me browsing is like running 1000 benchmarks I'm clicking on and off so many different sites I generally use forums, so scrolling and page loading speeds are what I mainly notice and it seems better that FF19 but that could be because its a fresh install vs about 10 updates of different betas to the different finals for the past year or so

@ Detection ; Agreed. just general overall feel is how i judge a browser since real world speed is mostly the same between all of the major browsers. plus if i recall correctly... i think Pale Moon x64 is mostly beneficial in spreading load better than usual the Firefox x86 is.

I'd use this over Firefox anyday, but unfortunately, neither seem to be very fast and they both use that stupid pluginwrapper crap, which sucks, especially on the older machines I usually have to deal with!

personally i think most modern browsers are roughly the same in terms of real world speed so you might as well go with one that's nice and reliable/time tested which Firefox (and these types of spin-offs like Pale Moon) is as it just works and the overall feel of the browser with it's extensions are hard to beat in my book.

Pale Moon is pretty much as good as 64bit browsers will get until Mozilla decides to get around to releasing the long overdue Firefox 64bit as nowadays there is not much reason for them to keep delaying it since many have 64bit Windows now and Flash has 64bit support which was one of the big things that was stopping a Firefox 64bit from going mainstream since no one can realistically use a browser without Flash support since it's the video standard for websites basically. so until then... it's 'Pale Moon x64' for me.

Yeah, they where just waiting til Firefox 19 to do another release because of the following on their website...

v18 sees the implementation of a new javascript engine (IonMonkey) and as such can be expected to have teething problems and other bugs that wouldn't come to light until public use by a large user base. I've talked to a few Mozilla developers and the concensus was that it would be better to wait for the new engine to stabilize before using the code as a base for a stability-focused release.

The next major version of Pale Moon will be based on either v19 or v20 of the Firefox code base, depending on the feature set in these versions of the browser base, and not before the code is release-ready. Security updates will be made on 15.* of Pale Moon until such time.