Part 1/3 : The Neowin 3rd Birthday Giveaway!

In celebration of our 3rd Birthday, for our members we've organised a large giveaway with many many prizes! Today, we've drawn the first of three draws for the following products. At this point, i'd like to kindly thank all the companies that donated to our draw.

So, for the first installment :

# Cerulean Studios 2x Trillian Pro 2

Users Ajbang and Superdude.

# The Inquirer 1x 1 year subscription

User FBody24

# Axialis 3x IconWorkshop 5.03 Corporate Edition

Users Delta_5, Martog, and Sinistre

# GlobalSCAPE 2x CuteFTP PRO

Users vln004, Frazell

# Tgtsoft 3x Style XP, 3x Style Builder

Users Stingray, Nasom, and digerati and for Style Builder SMeK, hackr86, and dmbandfan22

# TweakNow 5x TweakNow PowerPack 2003

Users netgeak, NeoSoft, saturn2069, budwizer, j2000wall,

Congratulations to all those who have won prizes! You'll be contacted shortly on how to collect your winnings. Stay tuned for more prizes later this week!

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Coming soon to a thread near you in NSSA: "I didn't win, bleepy bleep bleep!"

Congrats to everyone who won I'm kind of happy I don't see myself up there, as if I won "CuteFTP PRO" then I couldn't use it - CuteFTP Pro has never worked on my system. It hates me.

Can't wait to see who wins in the next round