Patch My PC Free

Patch My PC Free is a portable and reliable tool which can quickly check your PC for outdated software. The supported third-party programs include a large number of widely-used applications, including Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple Quicktime, iTunes, Microsoft Silverlight and many more.

Patch My PC Free features:

  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Outdated software will show in Red
  • Up to date will show in Green
  • Patches many common third party products Reader, Flash, Java, Quicktime and More
  • Portable and very small around 300 Kb
  • Offers optional software updates you can include in the update process
  • Scan and install needed Windows updates
  • Quickly uninstall multiple programs
  • Enable or disable startup programs

Download: Patch My PC Free | 410 KB (Freeware)
View: Patch My PC Free Homepage

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Is that list they have on the site all it updates?

Not very much and most of those programs have either automatic updates built in, which I disable, but usually still just a matter of checking under help for updates in all of those programs.

I guess if every one of those programs updated on the same day and time, it would be beneficial?

The benefit is that it uses the silent installers of all of the applications. Maybe not so great for you, but as a computer repair technician, who on a daily basis works on computers with almost all of the important 3rd party applications out of date, all of which are on that list, this program is a god sent.

Adobe Acrobat

to name a few of the ones I see out of date EVERY day.

I run this program on their machine and click update and do other things. The program then proceeds to download and install all updates automatically.

using the patchmypc.exe /s I also have this program run automatically on all my machines every day at 3am and install any updates that are available.

here is a screenshot of what the average users computer looks like with patchmypc

Edited by warwagon, May 1 2013, 4:40pm :

m4rco 7070 said,
Doesn't seem to work in Windows 8 64-bit. Says there is no internet connection to update the database.

I use it with Windows 8 64bit all the time

m4rco 7070 said,
Doesn't seem to work in Windows 8 64-bit. Says there is no internet connection to update the database.

Are you using Bitdefender as your antivirus by any chance?

For some reason the Bitdefender on access scanner stops it retrieving it's defintions even through there is no detection from Bitdefender,

Adding PMPC to bitdefenders exclusions doesn't seem to help either only way to get it to work is to temporarily disable the on-access scanner.

I do have a case open with bitdefender about it although at this point i'm not sure if anything productive will come out of it as their last suggestion was to exclude the PMPC exe/folder which did nothing.