PayPal joins OpenID Foundation

The OpenID Foundation has announced the addition of PayPal as a member of their Board. In a move that sends very positive signals regarding the security of OpenID they are joining the ranks of Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign and Yahoo!.

Andrew Nash, Sr. Director of Information Risk Management and a longstanding advocate for OpenID, is Paypal's selection as their representative.

You won't be able to login to PayPal with your OpenID any time soon, but it is reassuring to see their expertise in securing authentication systems being brought to bear on the fast growing platform.

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cant wait until the day i can manage all this information from one location...
Just changing my password or email these days is a nightmare.

I see this as both good and bad. While it can be cumbersome to manage so many different pieces of login information, it can also minimize the damage of one of your accounts being compromised.

As major services integrate their login systems with OpenID, the risk of losing it all increases dramatically. Imagine a day when your OpenID becomes more important than your SSN? Imagine the NSA having secret, unrestricted access to all OpenID accounts? They already have full-access to the backbone of every major Teleco and ISP company in the USA.

war said,

Convergence is great on paper but in real life things can go wrong.

Like holiday 2007-2008 when XBox Live has been down for almost 2 weeks. I could not play any Xbox 360 game online for over a week. Made me re-activate my WoW account