PC prices plummet

PC PRICES have dropped as suppliers try to offload their pre-Vista inventories. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Christmas season will look a bit like a going out of business sale. With Vista delayed until after Christmas, PC makers are scratching their heads in a bid to get punters to buy, when they know that Vista is just around the corner.

Research outfit Current Analysis is estimating that 70 per cent of notebook PCs sold this holiday season will be priced at less than $1,000. In 2004 38 per cent of notebook PCs were flogged at less than $1,000. Sony is predicting "price degradation" to peak over the Christmas break.

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I have to disagree in some cases... I am an entry level tech (yes, i'll admit that i'm nowhere near perfect and far less knowledable as most) working in one of your favorite retail stores that sprung up with an in-house repair center. where I disagree is there are going to be a lot of customers coming back in with their sparkling new machine that cost next to nothing complaining that they got ripped off because vista was just around the corner and "they didn't know it". There is another aspect that I would like to point out; Microsoft is offering free upgrades to Vista for name-brand PC's purchased within a specific time frame.(For instance, you buy an HP Media Center PC running Windows XP Media Center today, you can get a vista upgrade to Vista Premium when it is released, If you buy a machine with a copy of Windows XP Home, you can get a free upgrade to Vista Basic) I don't have the link available to me right at this moment but if asked for i can provide it. The only problem with the "Free" upgrade is going to be a good deal of headaches. The quickest way to get it is to download the ISO from their website upon release, and I'm willing to bet that we'll be seeing numbers of people who downloaded it, didn't know what to do from there, or caused some serious problems with their rigs.

"plummet" was used to make some alliteration.

Head lines aren't suppose to give the most accurate description of an event anyway. That's why you read the article.

Prices on pre-built systems might have dropped, but not on other systems. Memory prices (DDR2 in particular) are insanely high right now, vs. just a few months ago.

Well jan/feb I was looking to buy a laptop. I doubt this news will help me alot although I may get in on some back to school sales. We'll see.

Maybe I'll put off another guitar for a dualcore system or laptop. Then again, a lot of stores I've seen already have Vista Compatible computers so I dont expect much.