PC Tools AntiVirus Free

With PC Tools AntiVirus Free, you are protected against basic cyber threats attempting to gain access to your PC. Don't risk going online without protection.

If your PC gets infected, viruses may attempt to spread to your friends, family and associates by accessing your email contacts and other PCs within your network. A computer virus may also create a backdoor that allows hackers to access files on your PC, launch attacks against other computers or websites, or send SPAM email.

Downloading PC Tools AntiVirus Free provides basic antivirus and antispyware protection, with Smart Updates to keep your PC safe, File Guard to provide real-time protection and Email Guard to protect your computer from viruses and spyware being sent over email. PC Tools AntiVirus Free was created by the makers of award-winning Spyware Doctor, a highly trusted product used by millions worldwide.

Download: PC Tools AntiVirus Free | 4.0 MB (Freeware)
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PC Tools is now owned by Symantec, so I would expect their software to perform about the same as Norton Anti Virus.

I am assuming that the file linked to in this article is just a stub to download the remainder of the program, since it's only 4MB in size.


Aryeh Goretsky

Shikaka said,
I really wish bogus software like this wouldnt be posted on Neowin

VB proactive detection test shows something else; PC TOOLS SD and Internet Security 80%. Since PC Tools AntiVirus Free share the same av definitions together with SD and PC Tools Internet Security it shouldn't be so bad.


KillTheIrishman said,
Did PC Tools turn over a new leaf? I always thought this software was bad for your PC 0.o not tryin to be a troll or anything, just that I remember having spam, ads and other junk after installing this back in... well musta been early 2000's..