Penny Arcade's Gabe: Surface Pro is a great drawing-gaming PC

Penny Arcade remains one of the most popular online web comic strips. While the Penny Arcade empire has expanded over the years with its three Penny Arcade Expo events, its downloadable games, its Child's Play charity and more, the online strip's creators (writer Jerry Holkins and artist Mike Krahulik) still find the time to create three installments a week.

On Monday, Krahulik, who also goes by the handle "Gabe", wrote an extensive article on his experiences with the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. He tried one out at his local Microsoft Store and then mentioned on Twitter he was interested in testing it out as a drawing platform. Microsoft then sent him one of the currently scarce 128 GB models (as of this writing, the Microsoft Store website is still out of stock of the 128 GB model).

Krahulik gave the Surface Pro a thumbs up in terms of using the tablet for drawing. He did mention the current driver issues with the Surface pen in Adobe Photoshop but installed Sketchbook Pro and said, "Sketching with the Stylus in Sketchbook was awesome." He even posted a video showing a drawing test on the tablet.

In terms of gaming, Krahulik said that he had no issues playing League of Legends and Portal 2, although he did encounter some issues with playing the more graphically intensive Call of Duty: Black Ops II. His overall statement is that the Surface Pro is a "decent little gaming machine." He added, "You’re not going to play stuff like Guild Wars 2 or Skyrim on their max settings but you can play them and I have to say that’s pretty impressive for such a small device."

Krahulik did feel the Surface Pro has low battery life as well as issues with available storage, which we mentioned in our own review of the tablet. Krahulik also felt the Surface Pro can get a bit too hot at times. Even with those flaws, he says that overall "the Surface Pro is actually a great piece of hardware" and would recommend it for digital artists who are looking for an alternative to a digital drawing product such as the Wacom Cintiq 12WX.

Source: Penny Arcade

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i wish i got a free surface pro 128GB!! As a student that large storage space, speedy processor, active digitizer, and keyboard are all important. Not to mention the beautiful apps like: Khan academy, kno, my history digest, Office 2013, One Note MX, and Sketchbook Express.

I do not understand this Storage space Issue.... I have Full Adobe CS6 suite, Office 2013 Pro, Nero Suite, about 50 Apps and Visual Studio, Yet I still have 65G of space........ Come on People this is a non-issue.

Battery, WTF do you think you are getting... ITs an i5...... Intel Workhorse... I dropped the brightness 1 notch, turned off Blue tooth and I get over 5 hours... THANK YOU.

Nice quote:

"So for this trip up to the mountains I would have taken my iPad but I took the Surface instead. Not only was it a perfectly good replacement, but I was able to draw a comic strip and play some League of Legends. That's stuff I couldn't have done on my iPad."

This is exactly the value proposition that Microsoft is targeting with the Surface Pro.

microsoft used wacom stuff in the surface pro

I'm liking the idea of the surface pro just as a portable wacom tablet, then again i could just use pencil and paper and save myself a lot of $

dyreryft said,
microsoft used wacom stuff in the surface pro

I'm liking the idea of the surface pro just as a portable wacom tablet, then again i could just use pencil and paper and save myself a lot of $

Painting digitally has some advantage, such "unlimited" undo, copy and paste, move, rotate, upscale, fill and such.

It uses a Wacom digitiser with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity; equivalent to the Wacom Bamboo.

I've been looking at Surface Pro for exactly this reason, although I might see whether gen 2 offers anything more.

Well sure, but he's not exactly going to be throwing his toys around when people download Steam anyway. It'd be like the CEO of Ford throwing a fit because someone took a Ford car down a highway he once crashed on.