Philadelphia newspapers to sell discounted Android tablets

The newspaper business is trying its best to stay relevant in a world where more and more people are getting their news via their PC, mobile phone or tablets. It's the latter device that is going to be the center of a new venture by the Philadelphia Media Network, the owner of the city's two major daily newspapers, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News. According to, the company will soon begin selling discounted Android-based tablets that will contain content from the newspapers.

The tablets will contain applications that will connect users to digital versions of the newspapers, along with an app for and a separate app that will have even more content from the Inquirer. A pilot program is scheduled to begin in August where 2,000 of these tablets will be sold followed by the full launch later this year. The tablets will also include ads that will run on the home screen. Pricing details have yet to be announced, but reports that it is expected that the company will target a price that will be half that of the combined price of the tablet and the newspaper subscription price combined. There are no details on which Android-based tablet will be used in this program.

AdWeek estimates that this launch will cost the newspaper company "somewhere in six figures". However, the company will get to keep all of the revenue generated from the tablet program as well as the data needed to see how its users "consume newspaper content on a tablet."

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It is always a learning experience here on Neowin. Just think I got to a spelling lesson for free, and didn't have to go to school. . .boy ain't life grand.

Not sure where the "you" thing came from, but being this story is about philly, it would not be "you" anyway, the correct spelling (pronunciation) is "you'se" (use). As in " Yo, you'se guys want to go get a cheese steak?"

Now this is what I'm talking about.. I would totally be into this.. Nice to see that some media companies are changing with the times

Xerax said,
You spelt "you" wrong.

I find it hilarious that you keep correcting others while turn after turn fail to spell correctly yourself.

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Really? There was no "you" in the post and you need an English class. Spelt? Spelled.

Not sure, but I think the joke was that it's not the dad that would be interested in the tablet, but greenwizard88, hence not the dad, but you.

But the joke should have been "You spelled I wrong" as in "I may be interested in this."