Philips unveils a smartphone with a bigger battery than some tablets

As smartphones become ever more capable, one aspect of handset technology that continues to limit their usefulness is battery life. It’s a wonderful thing to have a device that can perform a seemingly endless range of tasks and tricks, but many of us find that our smartphones squeeze the life out of our batteries rather more quickly than we would like.

If you’ve had enough of plugging in your handset every evening (or more regularly, if you’re spanking your battery particularly hard), Philips may have just the device you need. 

At a glance, the W6618 appears to be as unremarkable as its name suggests. Its spec sheet is rather soporific too: a 5-inch display with 960x540px resolution; 1GB of RAM; 4GB of storage; a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor… It seems there’s nothing to get excited about at all.

But there is one entry on the handset’s spec sheet that does make it rather special. As PhoneArena reports, the W6618 boasts an immense 5300mAh battery – far larger than any of the leading flagship smartphones, and bigger even than the battery included in some tablets.

Nokia’s range-topping Lumia 1520 phablet, for example, has a 3400mAh battery; the Dell Venue 8, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Acer Iconia W4, and many other small tablets all feature batteries smaller than that crammed into the Philips W6618.

That big juicy battery means the handset will give you up to 66 days of standby time, and 33 hours of talk-time. You’ll also get dual-SIM support, but you won’t get the latest version of Android – instead of 4.4.2 KitKat, you’ll have to make do with 4.2 Jelly Bean instead. The handset isn’t exactly svelte either, with an 11.6mm profile and weighing in at 200g – hardly surprising, though, given the amount of room needed to accommodate that big (and non-removable) battery.

But even if you’re sold on the idea of the W6618, you may not actually be able to buy it in your part of the world, as Philips handsets are not widely available outside of the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, the device is only on sale in China, where it can be purchased for 1699 CNY (just under $273 USD).

Still, even if you can’t get your hands on a W6618, leaving you stuck with your existing handset, you could always find your nearest puddle of water to give your battery a boost.

Source and images: PhoneArena 

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I never know they come back. They maded phones years ago.
However Philips is now a design company, they don't have production facilities anymore.

They still do have production facilities, but thats for medical equipment and the likes.
Philips itself has left the consumer market years ago, pretty much everything in the consumer market with the Philips name is not the Dutch Philips :)

Just as an offtopic and completely unrelated question: can somebody (wise enough) enlighten me, what the flying f**** the "66 days standby time" supposed to mean? Can I poweron the phone, enable the phone registering to the mobile operator network (otherwise it would hardly qualify as a mobile PHONE, right?), then turn off the display and it should last approx. 66 days before the battery dies? Is that what the standby criteria supposed to mean? If the answer is yes, then its a pure lie! Period. Its a lie. No smartphone can survive that long under such conditions. Even 1 damn week is impossible to achieve under such conditions! The phone has to be put into airplane mode to make it a max. of 1 week, but it still lightyears from 2 months! All of us consumers got brainwashed by the industry bullsh** that nobody recognizes this literal lie in all the advertisements?

I would also argue with the 33 hours calltime. Probably it can make it, if the screen is off for the entire length of the call, but still very hardly believable.

All my smartphones in the last 5-6 years follow the same lie: they cannot survive even the 1/4th of the standby time the manufacturer lies on the box of the phone, or on their websites. People still believe and eat the ######## year over year.

standby is letting the phone idle.
Keep in mind its in optimal conditions :p

My 920 suposed to get 19 days. I've made it to 6 days with some usage and 'optimal' battery conserving settings.

So you confirm that even with all optimal usage magic you still couldnt reach even 1/2 of the advertised standby time, right? Isnt this a pure lie then?

I think I can take it to well over 10 days, but yeah. I'm never ever going to get to 19 days.

Only way to get close is make the phone do nothing at all, not even have a SIM card in it. But even then, no way I will get more then twice what I've reached now with it in battery saving, no phone calls, no music listening (no glance or doubletap to unlock either) and only a couple of times a whatsapp message and timetelling... got it to ~6 days.

Exactly wat I wanted to suggest: the standby time give none of the features of a mobile phone (doesnt enable you to poweron the disaply, not registered to the mobile phone system, not even allows installing the SIM card etc.) So it is indeed a very freaking useful parameter of the phone (sarcasm).

Apparently I'm one of the only ones but I honestly can't complain about an 11mm thick phone. Especially if it brings the benefit of amazing battery life.

I always have respect for Philips quality. When I was kid I remember Philips having highest quality of Radios. But I don't remember If I have any Philips product in my home.

Ermm new market? Crappy phone that lasts long. Vs any phone with a case charger ? Rightio there is no need for this. If u want longer battery get a case with a battery.

T1OOOO said,
Ermm new market? Crappy phone that lasts long. Vs any phone with a case charger ? Rightio there is no need for this. If u want longer battery get a case with a battery.
Why is there no need for this? People with business phones don't need the most bleeding edge highest performing CPU of all time, they need a long lasting device with enterprise features - this has both.

Perfect for reps who are in the field for long days and have no access to chargers. I can see a need for a phone like this in many business'.

Nashy said,
Perfect for reps who are in the field for long days and have no access to chargers. I can see a need for a phone like this in many business'.

Exactly, philips just won a previously untapped portion of the market!

Even Philips makes tablets/phones now. Who's next tomorrow, Dunkin' Donuts? (just an exaggeration, I understand they make these devices now as they're related to the company)

HighwayGlider said,
I think it was Goldstar before becoming LG.

LG is Lucky Goldstar. The two companies Lucky and Goldstar become LG.