PhoneClean 2.0.2 - Free Up space on iPhone, iPod or iPad

PhoneClean is the first iPhone, iPad, iPod touch maintenance tool made to free up space and keep iOS devices running fast. This free tool will safely find and remove all kinds of iOS system junk files to cleanup and speedup your idevices, even no jailbreak is required. PhoneClean quickly finds and removes hidden temp files, cleanup corrupt media files produced by iTunes failed syncs, delete cookies and script files on your iPhone before backing it up to iTunes or iCloud to prevent the leak or the abuse of your personal information, deletes cache and offline files in order to keep your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running fast and safe.

Note: If PhoneClean cannot find your device, please check if your iTunes has been installed properly or give the full pack version a try.

Download: PhoneClean 2.0.2 | 3.5 MB (Freeware)
Download: PhoneClean 2.0.2 Full Pack | 10.9 MB
View: PhoneClean Home page | PhoneClean User Guide

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This is a complete piece of doo-key. At least the "freeware" version is. Installed it on two separate, stable computers (#1 is a Core i5 with 16GB Ram, #2 is a Intel B960 Laptop w/8GB). It crashed both on the first scan of both my iPhone5 and iPad2. I only tested with my notebook after those crashes. It crashed my Laptop twice more during scanning, finally getting to the end of the scan succesfully. It crashed twice during the removal phase, never completing that phase. I did not remove the program right away. Overnight my Symantec Endpoint Protection updated it's defs and found malware related to Java weaknesses had been installed. I'd avoid this crap.

Seems like a nice product.
It found 400MB of "junk" on my iPhone which it supposedly cleaned.

Now I need to check if everything is still working correctly...

Well, I've just finished testing all the apps (that were supposedly affected by the clean-up) and they're all working perfectly.

So, I'm quite happy with this program.