Pinball FX2 on Windows: Win it before you can buy it! [Updated with winner]

Last week we reported that Zen Studios, creators of the highly acclaimed Pinball FX2, is releasing the title on Steam for all Windows users on May 10. Whether you're a pinball fan or a newcomer, the games are very well made and have generally received high marks from us at Neowin.

At launch, the following packs will be available for $9.99 each:

Zen Studios was kind enough to provide Neowin with a code that unlocks all six packs, for a total of 24 tables of pinball fun! How do you win this amazing prize? Follow the three easy steps below.

  1. Simply reply to this article by commenting below
  2. Make the following tweet on Twitter: .@Neowinfeed and @Zen_Studios are giving away Pinball FX2 for Windows on @Steam_Games!
  3. Like us on Facebook and follow @NeowinFeed on Twitter if you don't already do so

This competition closes today at 8 p.m. ET. Good luck!

Update: Congrats to dr_crabman on winning the Pinball FX2 Steam code! To everyone else, if you buy the game tomorrow, be sure to share your thoughts on the tables in the comments below!

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Pinball FX, great on the 360. I wonder if the tables I already own on there will be transferable on my XBOX account.. Would be nice to win tho

I doubt it. The tables do not transfer between the Windows 8 Store and Xbox versions. There is practically no chance the Steam version will do so.

I would presume it will work with touch input. My Civilization 5 from Steam supported the Windows 8 touch API before the OS was even released. I don't see why it would lose touch support, as they probably mostly ported the Modern UI version.

Done! I have all the iOS-tables. Awesome game - and it's highly recommended by me too.

Will be interesting to see what the Windows version will be like. Winning it or not - I will get this regardless.

The Windows 8 Store version of the game is great. Very fluid, quick to launch, works great with the xbox game pad, works awesome in portrait mode.

I can say that if the Steam version doesn't support full screen "Windowed" play mode, it'll only be worth getting if the user won't have Windows 8 or above for a while.