Pinterest's hype bubble bursts, as overall users decline

That is Pinterest, in a nutshell. The social network launched way back in March 2010, but its popularity only really increased in more recent history. In August 2011, Time Magazine named it as one of the Top 50 Websites on the internet in a poll which also included Whiskey Media's Giant Bomb.

By December 2011 Pinterest's popularity was such that it was one of the top ten most popular social networks on the entire internet. March 2012 saw it rise to the third most popular social network in the United States, surpassing business-oriented LinkedIn and Tagged to reach this point. Despite this, it received only +5% more growth during the month. In February it had an increase of 52% growth, and marked the first time since Time Magazine gave Pinterest their opportunity that the site had slipped, as SFGate observes.

There is evidence from Business Insider that the majority of Pinterest accounts are made by simply joining a Facebook account with the site. This would correspond with the number of Pinterest posts linked to Facebook. Corresponding with the drop, AppData have observed in Facebook-Pinterest activity. AppData monitor how frequently users of third-party applications link these applications with Facebook in order to measure activity. The monthly active dropped from 11.3 million to 11.15 million during March. Today, that number is hovering around 8.3 million, which is bound to be leaving Pinterest with a situation needing urgent attention.

For all the success Pinterest has had, the company has never really received a great deal of media attention. The early-adopters no doubt posted it on their Facebook, which would have helped boost its hits through AppData, but evidently these adopters have moved on again. Pinterest might decline further, which would be a disaster for a company that has enjoyed such a popularity explosion, or it could stabilize at a lower figure. This possibility assumes that some of the more ardent users enjoy.

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Yes!! I've been hearing a lot about clipix and finally decided to sign up a little while ago. Maybe that's why pinterest's numbers are dropping....people are finding out about clipix and making the switch haha!

@jakebarber...Have you used the 'Price Drop Alert'? If you clip a product and set the price you'd like to buy it at, Clipix notifies you when it drops down in price. It's pretty amazing and definitely making my online shopping way more efficient. Check it out

The reason it's losing users is because people don't have a major purpose for saving pictures. Bookmarking to be more organized is what it needs to focus on, less social.

I switched over to Clipix. It's got private boards, you can 'clip' practically anything (websites, articles, products, videos/pics, documents, spreadsheets) and most can do a lot more with their clipboards. For example, you can create a "syncboard" that lets you collaboratively clip things with whomever you like. You can also create a "multiboard" by putting multiple boards into one big board.

It's better for organizing your stuff online...not just looking at pretty pictures!

myxomatosis said,
Good for them... stealing people's contacts is vile....

That was Path, not Pinterest. Of course, it could be the confusion between the two that caused a drop in traffic on Pinterest.

jasonon said,
better than g+...

That's kind of like saying that dinghy is better than a blue whale. Different service, different job, different role. Different.

I only joined it because someone invited me, otherwise I had no interest in it when I first heard of it. Now that I have tried using it, I still have no interest. I pinned a few things, but I just couldn't figure out what the point was.
At the site I just saw a bunch of pictures that had no real organization, and I found it difficult to locate something I was interested in. It is just a mess.
As noted by a couple here, it seems women like it more. I can do without it.

I only came across Pinterest recently, and It does seem to be quite female-orientated.

You can embed a "PinIt" button on your own website (similar to a Facebook "Like", or a Google + button), but unless your website is photo-orientated, a "PinIt" button is pretty pointless!

Anyway, I read an SEO article that said Pinterest could be a valuable additional source of traffic to your site, so I set up a Pinterest account ( accordingly - however, in the past two months since setting it up, only 0.06% of my site's traffic originated through Pinterest!

wotsit said,
I use it a fair bit - they need to bite the bullet and turn off invite only

That's the only thing that makes it popular. It's sort of like a hipster douche bag club where only the "cool" kids can hang out but you need to be friends with a hipster douche bag to get in the door. It gives a sense of exclusivity even though everyone knows it isn't.

I have an account but honestly I never got it or got into it. My wife however.... Yeah, she looks at pinterest like a guy would look at porn. It's crazy.

laserfloyd said,
I have an account but honestly I never got it or got into it. My wife however.... Yeah, she looks at pinterest like a guy would look at porn. It's crazy.

The same with my wife. She's literally obsessed with it.

Singh400 said,
I've heard it described as "Reddit for Women" xD

That's exactly what it is - with all the pretty pictures of cats, dogs and babies.

I saw it posted here and it looked like total garbage, oh well no loss.
*keeps coding own social network site*

I'm really not surprised. For all the people talking about how great Pinterest is, I knew very few people personally who actually heard about it.

Something else will come along that all the people who have to feel socially accepted by other people who want to feel socially accepted.

I'm surprised there isn't a "bow" shooting social networking site yet where people who think they are in he world of the hunger games can hang out and pretend they are important...

Society is really sad sometimes..