Plain Google home page gets facelift

Jazzing up its famously plain website, Google is offering a new option that places its internet search box in panoramic settings that change with the time of day and the weather. The colourful graphics will be unveiled on Tuesday. While most of Google's users remain content seeing little more than the company logo and the search box that has anchored its home page for nearly a decade, millions of others have created log-ins that enable them to select from a variety of features that appear with each visit.

The features, introduced nearly two years ago, include stock quotes, local weather and news headlines. Google's new package of decorations, also known as "skins", are designed to make the home page feel even more homey, said Marissa Mayer, the company's vice president of search products and user experience. "Google has become the doorway to the internet for a lot of people, so we want to make (the site) feel more like an online living room," Mayer said. "We feel we are personalising things in a very tasteful and useable way."

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Hrm, the feature got enabled for me about an hour ago, but then it disappeared. Same thing happen to anyone else? Has it went live for you?

i really like it, the google homepage offers a ton of customization, which is great in usability and looks good too without getting in the way

Wow - never thought adding a theme would make me want to add more gadgets. LOL

Overall, the themes are nice, I sincerely hope they add more soon. (I am one of those nuts that loves to change themes all the time on my pc.)

The blurb fails to mention that the new themes are dynamic. The weather and time of day will change based on your location.

Hell yes, that's what I thought as well.

This theme will dynamically change to match your local weather conditions. Your location currently is set to: Houston, TX

Is this just a mere face-lift?... No new functionality or improved features? What are they calling it? Instead of 'beta', they should probably name it Google Vista. :P

On a side note, Marissa Ann Mayer is from Wausau, WI so she would probably say "personalizing" over "personalising".