PlayStation for Android is dead, as Sony throws in the towel

Three and a half years ago, Sony launched the PlayStation Suite for Android, bringing PS games to a handful of Sony Xperia devices. The company's long-term plan was to extend support to a broader range of smartphones and tablets, including those of other Android manufacturers, building a much larger mobile gaming ecosystem. 

But Sony's dream of Android devices everywhere running PlayStation games is now dead. As The Verge reports, Sony has announced that it will not support PlayStation Mobile on the latest Android versions or on future devices. 

PlayStation Certified devices with Android 4.4.2 will still be able to access the games store and use the service - for now, at least - but those running Android 4.4.3 will not be supported. Sony has also confirmed that it will not support PlayStation Mobile on the upcoming Android L release, and no further devices will be PlayStation Certified. 

While PlayStation Mobile will remain in operation for existing devices, the fact that the company has no plans to develop or expand it further on Android does not bode well for what's left of the service. 

Source: Sony 1 / 2 via The Verge | image via MMGN

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Phew, the headline made me think they were killing the PlayStation companion app for Android. The one that let's you sign in and send messages etc.

Typical Sony, all promises and no delivery. People buy it all the time with them and never realize this is what they do all the time.

Scrap 'PlayStation Certified'. Classic PS1 games should be available for all Android devices and be purchasable via Google Play. It would be great if some were ported to iOS also. I'm sure people would buy them (like myself, a HTC fan).

Here here I would be all in for Ridge Racer, Resident Evil and MGS Portable Ops etc... Even if Sony decided to use their own store on Android or iOS, I'd still be down.

PPSSPP is actually pretty good though especially when using a PS3 controller

I'm somehow not surprised this happened. Those type of devices like playing a different type of game, not so much console ports that would be better on a TV and with a controller. That and Sony's mobile focus has changed, there's that rumor of them doing a WP still but who knows?

InsaneNutter said,
Indeed i personally cant stand on screen controls, however you can connect a PS3 controller via Bluetooth.
Some games will work via OTG cables connected to the controller as well. I had no luck but my friend has. Anyways this kinda sucks. But Im not into mobile gaming anyways.